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Emydidae (box turtles and pond turtles)

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The Emydidae, commonly called the pond turtles or marsh turtles, are a family of turtles. Previously, several species of Asian box turtles were classified in the family. However, revised taxonomy has separated them to a different family. Now, the Emydidae, with the exception of two species of pond turtles, are entirely a Western Hemisphere family. The family Emydidae includes close to 50 species in 10 genera.
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Actinemys (1)
Chrysemys (painted turtles) (2)
Clemmys (marsh turtles and pond turtles) (1)   (1)
Deirochelys (chicken turtles) (1)
Emydoidea (Blanding's turtles) (1)   (1)
Emys (2)
Glyptemys (Turtle) (2)   (2)
Graptemys (map turtles) (13)   (3)
Malaclemys (diamondback terrapins) (1)
Pseudemys (cooter turtles, cooters, and red-bellied turtles) (7)   (1)
Terrapene (box turtles) (5)   (1)
Trachemys (sliders) (16)   (2)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count


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