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Archontophoenix (archontophoenix)

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Archontophoenix is a plant genus comprising six palm species that are native to New South Wales and Queensland in eastern Australia. They are tall, slender and unbranched. Species include: \n* Archontophoenix alexandrae (F.Muell.) H.Wendl. & Drude - Alexandra Palm, King Palm \n* Archontophoenix cunninghamiana H.Wendl. & Drude - Bangalow Palm, Piccabeen Palm \n* Archontophoenix maxima Dowe \n* Archontophoenix myolensis Dowe \n* Archontophoenix purpurea Hodel & Dowe - Mount Lewis King Palm \n* Archontophoenix tuckeri Dowe
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Archontophoenix alexandrae (Alexandra palm) (Attributes)
Archontophoenix cunninghami <Unverified Name>
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana (Bangalow Palm) (Invasive) (Attributes)
Archontophoenix cunninghamii <Unverified Name>
Archontophoenix cunninghmi <Unverified Name>
Archontophoenix maxima (Walsh River Palm) (Attributes)
Archontophoenix myolensis (Myola Palm) (Attributes)
Archontophoenix purpurea (Mount Lewis King Palm) (Attributes)
Archontophoenix tuckeri (Rocky River palm) (Attributes)


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