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Dendrobium bigibbum (Cooktown Orchid)

Synonyms: Callista bigibba; Callista phalaenopsis; Callista sumneri; Dendrobium bigibbum albomarginatum; Dendrobium bigibbum albopurpuratum; Dendrobium bigibbum album; Dendrobium bigibbum candidum; Dendrobium bigibbum compactum; Dendrobium bigibbum macranthum; Dendrobium bigibbum phalaenopsis; Dendrobium bigibbum sumneri; Dendrobium bigibbum superbium; Dendrobium bigibbum superbum; Dendrobium bigibbum venosum; Dendrobium lithocola; Dendrobium phalaenopsis; Dendrobium phalaenopsis albopurpureum; Dendrobium phalaenopsis album; Dendrobium phalaenopsis chamberlainianum; Dendrobium phalaenopsis compactum; Dendrobium phalaenopsis dellense; Dendrobium phalaenopsis highburyense; Dendrobium phalaenopsis hololeuca; Dendrobium phalaenopsis lindeniae; Dendrobium phalaenopsis rothschildianum; Dendrobium phalaenopsis rubescens; Dendrobium phalaenopsis schroderianum; Dendrobium phalaenopsis splendens; Dendrobium phalaenopsis statterianum; Dendrobium phalaenopsis thundersleyense; Dendrobium sumneri; Vappodes bigibba; Vappodes lithocola; Vappodes phalaenopsis

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Allergen Potential [1]  Low
Structure [2]  Herb

Emblem of



Hemiberlesia rapax (greedy scale)[3]
Pseudococcus dendrobiorum[3]


New Guinea to NE. Australia; New Guinea, NE. Australia;



Species recognized by Govaerts R., 11-Nov-2003, WCSP: World Checklist of Selected Plant Families in Catalog of Life 2011
Attributes / relations provided by 1Derived from Allergy-Free Gardening OPALS™, Thomas Leo Ogren (2000) 2Kattge, J. et al. (2011b) TRY - a global database of plant traits Global Change Biology 17:2905-2935 3Ben-Dov, Y., Miller, D.R. & Gibson, G.A.P. ScaleNet 4 November 2009
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