Animalia > Arthropoda > Insecta > Blattodea > Blaberoidea > Blaberidae > Eublaberus > Eublaberus distanti

Eublaberus distanti (Trinidad bat-cave cockroach)

Synonyms: Blaberus biolleyi; Blaberus distanti

Institutions (Zoos, etc.)

Institution Infraspecies / Breed 
Budapest Zool.& Botanical Garden
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
Kyiv Zoological Park
Liberty Science Center
Miejski Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw
Reaseheath College Animal Centre
Wroclaw Zoo, LLC
Zoo Dvur Kralove, a.s.


Guatemala; Costa Rica; Panama; Colombia; Trinidad and Tobago, Republic of (Trinidad); French Guiana; Suriname; Guyana; Brazil;



Species recognized by Beccaloni GW, 2015-01-28, CockroachSF: Cockroach Species File in Catalog of Life 2011
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