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Satyrus actaea (Black Satyr)

Synonyms: Satyrus ampla; Satyrus andromorpha; Satyrus bicoeca; Satyrus bipunctata; Satyrus bipupillata; Satyrus coeca; Satyrus coeculus; Satyrus decorata; Satyrus exoculata; Satyrus herminia; Satyrus microrientalpium; Satyrus monocellata; Satyrus monotona; Satyrus posticealbopunctata; Satyrus postpupillata; Satyrus punctata; Satyrus quadripupillata; Satyrus radipupillata; Satyrus sarita; Satyrus striata; Satyrus subtusbiocellata; Satyrus subtusbipupillata; Satyrus subtusunipupillata; Satyrus tripunctata; Satyrus tripupillata; Satyrus tristriata; Satyrus umbra; Satyrus unipunctata; Satyrus vivian

Wikipedia Abstract

Satyrus actaea, the black satyr, is a butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. It is found in South-Western Europe, Asia Minor, Syria, Iran and Baluchistan (SW Pakistan). The length of the forewings is 24 to 28 mm. The butterfly is on wing in July and August in one generation.The habitat is rocky places at 600 to1,800 m.The larvae feed on various grasses (Brachypodium and Bromus sp. and sedges.
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Prey / Diet

Brachypodium retusum[1]
Bromus hordeaceus (soft brome)[1]
Dactylis glomerata (orchardgrass)[1]
Festuca calligera (sheep fescue)[1]
Festuca iberica[1]
Festuca rubra (red fescue)[1]
Lolium rigidum (Wimmera ryegrass)[1]
Piptatheropsis canadensis (Canadian ricegrass)[1]
Poa annua (annual blue grass)[1]


Dasypogon diadema[2]



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