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Dysstroma citrata (dark marbled carpet)

Wikipedia Abstract

The Dark Marbled Carpet or Northern Marbled Carpet (Dysstroma citrata) is a moth of the Geometridae family. It is found in both the Palearctic ecozone and the Nearctic ecozone. It has also been reported from India. The wingspan is 25–32 mm. Adults are on wing from July to August in western Europe and North America. The larvae feed on various shrubs and herbaceous plants, including Vaccinium species such as Vaccinium myrtillus and Vaccinium uliginosum as well as Aster tripolium, Alnus and Salix.
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Prey / Diet

Alnus rubra (red alder)[1]
Arbutus menziesii (Pacific madrone)[1]
Betula occidentalis (water birch)[1]
Geum macrophyllum (Largeleaf Avens)[1]
Larix laricina (tamarack)[1]
Populus tremuloides (quaking aspen)[1]
Prunus virginiana (chokecherry)[1]
Rubus allegheniensis (common blackberry)[1]
Rubus vitifolius (blackberry)[1]
Tsuga heterophylla (Pacific hemlock)[1]



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