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Plagodis phlogosaria (Straight-lined Plagodis)

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Plagodis phlogosaria, the scorched wing or straight-lined plagodis, is a species of moth of the family Geometridae. It is found in all of North America except the far south and Yukon and Alaska. The binomial name refers to the Greek phlogos (meaning "flame"), phlogistos (meaning "to burn" or "inflame") or phlogosis (meaning "inflammation"). This refers to the patches on both the fore- and hindwing, which look like they are scorched. The wingspan is 28–38 mm. The moth flies from April to August depending on the location.
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Wing Span [1]  1.1 inches (.028 m)

Prey / Diet

Acer pensylvanicum (moosewood)[2]
Alnus alnobetula subsp. alnobetula (mountain alder)[2]
Alnus incana (gray alder)[2]
Alnus rubra (red alder)[2]
Betula alleghaniensis (yellow birch)[2]
Betula intermedia (dwarf birch)[2]
Betula papyrifera (mountain paper birch)[2]
Malus pumila (Common apple)[2]
Populus balsamifera (balsam poplar)[2]
Prunus serotina (Black Cherry)[2]
Prunus virginiana (chokecherry)[2]
Quercus rubra (Red Oak)[2]
Tilia henryana (Henry's Lime)[3]



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