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Lycophotia porphyrea (True Lover's Knot)

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The True Lover's Knot (Lycophotia porphyrea) is a moth of the family Noctuidae. It is found in the west Palearctic in a wide band through North, Central and Eastern Europe and Russia (up to the Ural mountains). In the South it is spread through northern Spain and Northern Portugal, Northern Italy, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Northern Greece . In Europe it is found wherever its food plants grow.
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Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Afon Eden – Cors Goch Trawsfynydd 702 Wales, United Kingdom
Berwyn a Mynyddoedd de Clwyd/ Berwyn and South Clwyd Mountains 67265 Wales, United Kingdom
Black Wood of Rannoch 2720 Scotland, United Kingdom
Border Mires, Kielder – Butterburn 29286 England, United Kingdom
Breckland 18652 England, United Kingdom
Cairngorms 142543 Scotland, United Kingdom
Caithness and Sutherland Peatlands 354692 Scotland, United Kingdom
Carmarthen Bay and Estuaries/ Bae Caerfyrddin ac Aberoedd 163340 Wales, United Kingdom
Coedydd Aber 855 Wales, United Kingdom  
Coedydd Derw a Safleoedd Ystlumod Meirion/ Meirionnydd Oakwoods and Bat Sites 6953 Wales, United Kingdom
Cors Caron 2130 Wales, United Kingdom
Cors Fochno 1613 Wales, United Kingdom
Cwm Doethie – Mynydd Mallaen 10186 Wales, United Kingdom
Dornoch Firth and Morrich More 21499 Scotland, United Kingdom
Dorset Heaths 14161 England, United Kingdom
Dorset Heaths (Purbeck and Wareham) and Studland Dunes 5491 England, United Kingdom
Eryri/ Snowdonia 48773 Wales, United Kingdom  
Fenn`s, Whixall, Bettisfield, Wem and Cadney Mosses 2346 England/Wales, United Kingdom  
Gower Commons/ Tiroedd Comin Gwyr 4390 Wales, United Kingdom
Hoy 23474 Scotland, United Kingdom
Isles of Scilly Complex 66350 England, United Kingdom    
Lake District High Fells 66717 England, United Kingdom
Lizard Point 34565 England, United Kingdom    
Loch Maree Complex 38882 Scotland, United Kingdom
Lower Derwent Valley 2263 England, United Kingdom
Luce Bay and Sands 120487 Scotland, United Kingdom
Migneint–Arenig–Dduallt 49343 Wales, United Kingdom
Moor House – Upper Teesdale 95867 England, United Kingdom
Moray Firth 373987 Scotland, United Kingdom  
Morecambe Bay 151985 England, United Kingdom
Morecambe Bay Pavements 6449 England, United Kingdom
Morvern Woods 4763 Scotland, United Kingdom
Naddle Forest 892 England, United Kingdom  
North Norfolk Coast 7926 England, United Kingdom  
North Pembrokeshire Woodlands/ Coedydd Gogledd Sir Benfro 780 Wales, United Kingdom  
North Pennine Moors 254789 England, United Kingdom
North York Moors 108930 England, United Kingdom
Peak District Dales 5748 England, United Kingdom
Pembrokeshire Marine/ Sir Benfro Forol 341177 Wales, United Kingdom  
Pen Llyn a`r Sarnau/ Lleyn Peninsula and the Sarnau 360832 Wales, United Kingdom
Rhos Llawr-cwrt 114 Wales, United Kingdom  
River Tweed 9380 England/Scotland, United Kingdom
Severn Estuary/ Môr Hafren 182155 England/Wales, United Kingdom
Skipwith Common 729 England, United Kingdom  
Solent Maritime 27985 England, United Kingdom
Solway Firth 107829 England/Scotland, United Kingdom
South Solway Mosses 4849 England, United Kingdom
South Uist Machair 8482 Scotland, United Kingdom
St David`s / Ty Ddewi 2312 Wales, United Kingdom  
Strathglass Complex 58277 Scotland, United Kingdom
The Lizard 8048 England, United Kingdom    
The New Forest 72309 England, United Kingdom
The Wash and North Norfolk Coast 266284 England, United Kingdom
Thursley, Ash, Pirbright and Chobham 12696 England, United Kingdom
Tintagel–Marsland–Clovelly Coast 6004 England, United Kingdom  
West Midlands Mosses 455 England, United Kingdom  
Witherslack Mosses 1202 England, United Kingdom
Y Fenai a Bae Conwy/ Menai Strait and Conwy Bay 65440 Wales, United Kingdom  

Prey / Diet

Calluna vulgaris (heather)[1]
Citrus aurantium (myrtle-leaved orange tree)[1]
Erica cinerea (Scotch heath)[2]
Erica tetralix (crossleaf heath)[2]
Solanum lycopersicum (Currant Tomato)[1]

Prey / Diet Overlap

Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Acleris hyemana2
Anarta myrtilli (Beautiful Yellow Underwing Moth)3
Ancylis unguicella2
Callophrys rubi (Green Hairstreak Butterfly)2
Chlorissa viridata2
Cleora cinctaria (Ringed Carpet)2
Coleophora juncicolella2
Coleophora pyrrhulipennella3
Coscinia cribraria (Speckled Footman)3
Dilophus febrilis (Fever Fly)2
Dyscia fagaria (Grey Scalloped Bar)3
Ematurga atomaria (Common Heath Moth)3
Entephria caesiata (Grey Mountain Carpet)3
Eupithecia nanata (Narrow-winged Pug)2
Eupithecia satyrata (Satyr Pug Moth)2
Euxoa tritici2
Idaea contiguaria (Weaver's Wave)3
Macrothylacia rubi (Fox Moth)3
Micrelus ericae3
Neofaculta ericetella3
Operophtera brumata (winter moth)2
Pachycnemia hippocastanaria (Horse Chestnut Moth)2
Papestra biren (Glaucous Shears)2
Parasemia plantaginis (Wood Tiger Moth)2
Perconia strigillaria (Grass Wave)2
Plebejus argus (Silver-studded Blue)3
Pleurota bicostella2
Saturnia pavonia (Emperor moth)3
Schrankia taenialis (White-line Snout)3
Selidosema brunnearia3
Strophingia ericae2
Trichiura crataegi (Pale Eggar)2
Xestia agathina (Heath Rustic)3
Xestia castanea (Grey Rustic)3


Pollinator of 
Erica tetralix (crossleaf heath)[3]




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