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Utetheisa pulchella (Crimson-speckled Flunkey)

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The Crimson-speckled Flunkey (Utetheisa pulchella) is a moth of the family Arctiidae. It is found in Africa, Southern Europe, Central and Southern Asia and Australia.The wingspan is 29–42 mm.The larvae feed on Forget-me-not, Echium, Borago and Anchusa species.
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Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Al Wathba Wetland Reserve 1236 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates      
Biviere di Lentini, tratto mediano e foce del Fiume Simeto e area antistante la foce 12271 Italy  
Braunton Burrows 3328 England, United Kingdom
Isles of Scilly Complex 66350 England, United Kingdom    
Morecambe Bay 151985 England, United Kingdom
Pembrokeshire Marine/ Sir Benfro Forol 341177 Wales, United Kingdom  
Sidmouth to West Bay 2217 England, United Kingdom
The New Forest 72309 England, United Kingdom

Prey / Diet

Anchusa ochroleuca (alkanet)[1]
Borago officinalis (common borage)[1]
Capsicum annuum (cayenne pepper)[2]
Cynoglossum clandestinum (gypsyflower)[1]
Echium salmanticum (blueweed)[1]
Heliotropium ellipticum (European heliotrope)[1]
Heliotropium indicum (Indian heliotrope)[2]
Myosotis arvensis (field forget-me-not)[1]
Solanum lycopersicum (Currant Tomato)[2]

Prey / Diet Overlap

Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Acleris variegana (Garden rose tortricid moth)1
Arctia caja (garden tiger moth)1
Axylia putris (Flame)1
Carduelis carduelis (European Goldfinch)1
Cnephasia asseclana (Flax Tortrix Moth)1
Cnephasia pasiuana1
Deilephila porcellus (Small Elephant Hawk-moth)1
Diachrysia chrysitis (Burnished Brass Moth)1
Dilophus febrilis (Fever Fly)1
Euplexia lucipara (Small Angle Shades)1
Euxoa cursoria (Coast Dart)1
Euxoa tritici1
Hada plebeja (Shears)1
Hadena albimacula (White Spot)1
Hadena rivularis (Campion)1
Hecatera bicolorata1
Heliophobus reticulata (Bordered Gothic)1
Hemaris fuciformis (Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-moth)1
Hemaris tityus (Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-moth)1
Hepialus sylvina1
Hydraecia micacea (potato stem worm)1
Lacanobia oleracea (Bright-line Brown-Eye Moth)1
Linaria cannabina (Common Linnet)1
Longitarsus quadriguttatus1
Lycophotia porphyrea (True Lover's Knot)1
Macroglossum stellatarum (Hummingbird Hawk-Moth)1
Mamestra brassicae (Cabbage Moth)1
Noctua pronuba (Large Yellow Underwing Moth)1
Orthosia opima (Northern Drab)1
Passer montanus (Eurasian Tree Sparrow)1
Peridroma saucia (variegated cutworm)2
Polia bombycina (Pale Shining Brown)1
Psylliodes affinis1
Sideridis albicolon1
Trichoplusia ni (cabbage looper)1
Tyria jacobaeae (cinnabar moth)1




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