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Hippotion boerhaviae

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Hippotion boerhaviae is a moth of the Sphingidae family. It is known from Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Thailand, south-eastern China (Hong Kong and Guangdong), Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, eastern Australia and New Caledonia.The wingspan is 50–68 mm. Adults sometimes visit flowers. They may travel long distances, either voluntary or involuntary.The larvae mainly feed on Oldenlandia and Spermacoce species.
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Prey / Diet

Amaranthus spinosus (pigweed species)[1]
Boerhavia diffusa (red spiderling)[1]
Boerhavia repens (anena)[1]
Camellia sinensis (tea)[1]
Citrullus lanatus (watermelon)[1]
Dioscorea alata (water yam)[1]
Gynochthodes umbellata (redgal)[1]
Impatiens balsamina (spotted snapweed)[1]
Ipomoea cairica (mile-a-minute vine)[1]
Knoxia sumatrensis[1]
Pentas lanceolata (Egyptian starcluster)[1]



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