Animalia > Arthropoda > Insecta > Lepidoptera > Tortricoidea > Tortricidae > Choristoneura > Choristoneura longicellana

Choristoneura longicellana

Synonyms: Cacoecia disparana

Prey / Diet

Castanea crenata (Japanese chestnut)[1]
Castanea sativa (European chestnut)[1]
Ligustrum obtusifolium (border privet)[1]
Malus pumila (Common apple)[1]
Prunus persica (peach)[1]
Prunus salicina (Chinese plum)[1]
Prunus serotina (Black Cherry)[1]
Pyrus ussuriensis (Chinese pear)[1]
Quercus acutissima (Sawthorn Oak)[1]
Quercus dentata (Japanese Emperor Oak)[1]
Quercus mongolica (Mongolian Oak)[1]
Quercus serrata (Konara oak)[1]
Quercus variabilis (Chinese Cork Oak)[1]



Species recognized by Wing, P., , LepIndex: The Global Lepidoptera Names Index in Catalog of Life 2011
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