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Lestes sponsa (Emerald Damselfly)

Synonyms: Lestes autumnalis; Lestes forcipula; Lestes neglectus; Lestes nympha; Lestes nymphaeides; Lestes picteti; Lestes spectrum

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Lestes sponsa, is a damselfly, with a wide Palaearctic distribution. It is known commonly as the emerald damselfly or common spreadwing. Both males and females have a metallic green colour and when resting its wings are usually half opened.
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Name Countries Ecozone Biome Species Report Climate Land
Central & Western Europe Austria, Belgium, Byelarus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom Palearctic Temperate Floodplain River and Wetlands    
Upper Danube Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland Palearctic Temperate Floodplain River and Wetlands    

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Afon Teifi/ River Teifi 1768 Wales, United Kingdom  
Arun Valley 1205 England, United Kingdom
Ashdown Forest 6744 England, United Kingdom
Barry Links 1951 Scotland, United Kingdom
Border Mires, Kielder – Butterburn 29286 England, United Kingdom
Breckland 18652 England, United Kingdom
Breney Common and Goss and Tregoss Moors 2016 England, United Kingdom
Brown Moss 79 England, United Kingdom  
Burnham Beeches 946 England, United Kingdom  
Cairngorms 142543 Scotland, United Kingdom
Caithness and Sutherland Peatlands 354692 Scotland, United Kingdom
Cannock Chase 3057 England, United Kingdom  
Coedydd Derw a Safleoedd Ystlumod Meirion/ Meirionnydd Oakwoods and Bat Sites 6953 Wales, United Kingdom
Cors Fochno 1613 Wales, United Kingdom
Corsydd Llyn/ Lleyn Fens 701 Wales, United Kingdom
Corsydd Môn/ Anglesey Fens 1154 Wales, United Kingdom  
Dartmoor 57244 England, United Kingdom
Dorset Heaths 14161 England, United Kingdom
Dorset Heaths (Purbeck and Wareham) and Studland Dunes 5491 England, United Kingdom
Drigg Coast 3453 England, United Kingdom
Durham Coast 973 England, United Kingdom
Epping Forest 3966 England, United Kingdom  
Eryri/ Snowdonia 48773 Wales, United Kingdom  
Fenland 1529 England, United Kingdom
Fenn`s, Whixall, Bettisfield, Wem and Cadney Mosses 2346 England/Wales, United Kingdom  
Feur Lochain 930 Scotland, United Kingdom
Glan-traeth 35 Wales, United Kingdom  
Gower Commons/ Tiroedd Comin Gwyr 4390 Wales, United Kingdom
Inverpolly 29349 Scotland, United Kingdom
Kenfig/ Cynffig 2945 Wales, United Kingdom
Loch Maree Complex 38882 Scotland, United Kingdom
Manchester Mosses 427 England, United Kingdom  
Mardelles d'Arbrefontaine et vallons fangeux de Fosse (Lierneux; Trois-Ponts; Vielsalm) 533 Belgium  
Monadh Mor 622 Scotland, United Kingdom
Moyenne vallée de l'Oise 13902 France  
Norfolk Valley Fens 1523 England, United Kingdom  
North Norfolk Coast 7926 England, United Kingdom  
North Pennine Moors 254789 England, United Kingdom
North West Pembrokeshire Commons/ Comins Gogledd Orllewin Sir Benfro 615 Wales, United Kingdom  
North York Moors 108930 England, United Kingdom
Pevensey Levels 8860 England, United Kingdom  
Preseli 6686 Wales, United Kingdom  
Rhinog 7770 Wales, United Kingdom
Rhos Llawr-cwrt 114 Wales, United Kingdom  
Richmond Park 2092 England, United Kingdom  
River Usk/ Afon Wysg 2490 Wales, United Kingdom  
Rum 26775 Scotland, United Kingdom
Saltfleetby–Theddlethorpe Dunes and Gibraltar Point 2373 England, United Kingdom  
Sefton Coast 11278 England, United Kingdom
Shortheath Common 146 England, United Kingdom
Skipwith Common 729 England, United Kingdom  
Sligachan Peatlands 3561 Scotland, United Kingdom
Solway Firth 107829 England/Scotland, United Kingdom
Subberthwaite, Blawith and Torver Low Commons 4609 England, United Kingdom
Tayvallich Juniper and Coast 2999 Scotland, United Kingdom
The Broads 14554 England, United Kingdom  
The Lizard 8048 England, United Kingdom    
The New Forest 72309 England, United Kingdom
The Stiperstones and The Hollies 1486 England, United Kingdom  
The Wash and North Norfolk Coast 266284 England, United Kingdom
Thorne Moor 4718 England, United Kingdom
Thursley, Ash, Pirbright and Chobham 12696 England, United Kingdom
Torbiere d'Iseo 895 Italy  
Wast Water 707 England, United Kingdom
Waveney and Little Ouse Valley Fens 477 England, United Kingdom
Witherslack Mosses 1202 England, United Kingdom


Prey / Diet

Agabus bipustulatus[1]
Agabus sturmii[1]
Callicorixa praeusta[1]
Chydorus latus[2]
Corixa dentipes[1]
Corixa punctata (lesser water boatman)[1]
Corynoneura scutellata[2]
Dolichopus nigricornis[3]
Einfeldia dorsalis[2]
Enallagma cyathigerum (Common Blue Damselfly)[2]
Glyptotendipes pallens[2]
Holocentropus picicornis[2]
Hydroporus erythrocephalus[1]
Ilybius fuliginosus[1]
Lestes sponsa (Emerald Damselfly)[1]
Limnephilus marmoratus[1]
Lumbriculus variegatus (blackworm)[1]
Notonecta glauca (Water boatman)[1]
Procladius sagittalis[2]
Scapholeberis mucronata[2]
Sialis lutaria (Common Alderfly)[2]
Tanytarsus buchonius[2]

Prey / Diet Overlap

Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Bufo bufo (Common European toad)1
Calopteryx splendens (Banded Demoiselle)1
Calopteryx virgo (Beautiful Demoiselle)1
Coenagrion puella (Azure Damselfly)1
Dolomedes fimbriatus (Raft Spider)1
Enallagma cyathigerum (Common Blue Damselfly)1
Gerris lacustris (Common Pond Skater)1
Ischnura elegans (Blue-tailed Damselfly)1
Pardosa agricola1
Pardosa amentata (Spotted Wolf Spider)1
Pirata piraticus (Spider)1
Pyrrhosoma nymphula (Large Red Damselfly)1
Rana temporaria (European frog)1
Tetragnatha extensa (Long-jawed Orb Weaver)1
Tetragnatha montana1


Aeshna juncea (Common Hawker)[2]
Agabus bipustulatus[1]
Agabus sturmii[1]
Asilus crabroniformis[4]
Dytiscus marginalis (Predaceous diving beetle)[2]
Enallagma cyathigerum (Common Blue Damselfly)[1]
Eutolmus rufibarbis (Golden-tabbed Robber Fly)[4]
Holocentropus picicornis[1]
Lestes sponsa (Emerald Damselfly)[1]
Notonecta glauca (Water boatman)[2]
Sympetrum danae (Black Darter)[1]


Parasitized by 
Joyeuxilepis decacantha[5]
Plagiorchis arcuatus <Unverified Name>[5]
Plagiorchis elegans[5]
Pleurogenoides medians <Unverified Name>[5]
Prosotocus confusus <Unverified Name>[5]
Skrjabinoeces similis <Unverified Name>[5]




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