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Libellula quadrimaculata (Four-spotted Skimmer)

Synonyms: Libellula basilinea; Libellula contacta; Libellula flavescens; Libellula maculata; Libellula praenubila; Libellula quadripunctata; Libellula relicta; Libellula ternaria

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The four-spotted chaser (Libellula quadrimaculata), known in North America as the four-spotted skimmer, is a dragonfly of the family Libellulidae found frequently throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. The adult stage is found between April to early September in the United Kingdom, and from mid-May to mid-August in Ireland. Larvae have a two-year developmental cycle. Adults feed predominantly on mosquitoes, gnats and midges; the larvae feed primarily on other aquatic insect larvae and on tadpoles. The four-spotted skimmer is the state insect of Alaska.
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Name Countries Ecozone Biome Species Report Climate Land
Central & Western Europe Austria, Belgium, Byelarus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom Palearctic Temperate Floodplain River and Wetlands    
Upper Danube Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland Palearctic Temperate Floodplain River and Wetlands    

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Ardvar and Loch a`Mhuilinn Woodlands 1992 Scotland, United Kingdom
Arun Valley 1205 England, United Kingdom
Black Wood of Rannoch 2720 Scotland, United Kingdom
Border Mires, Kielder – Butterburn 29286 England, United Kingdom
Breney Common and Goss and Tregoss Moors 2016 England, United Kingdom
Brown Moss 79 England, United Kingdom  
Burnham Beeches 946 England, United Kingdom  
Cairngorms 142543 Scotland, United Kingdom
Caithness and Sutherland Peatlands 354692 Scotland, United Kingdom
Cannock Chase 3057 England, United Kingdom  
Carmarthen Bay and Estuaries/ Bae Caerfyrddin ac Aberoedd 163340 Wales, United Kingdom
Chippewa Nature Center   Michigan, United States    
Corsydd Môn/ Anglesey Fens 1154 Wales, United Kingdom  
Crowdy Marsh 229 England, United Kingdom  
Crymlyn Bog/ Cors Crymlyn 740 Wales, United Kingdom
Dartmoor 57244 England, United Kingdom
Dorset Heaths 14161 England, United Kingdom
Dorset Heaths (Purbeck and Wareham) and Studland Dunes 5491 England, United Kingdom
Edwin S. George Reserve 1297 Michigan, United States
Epping Forest 3966 England, United Kingdom  
Fannich Hills 23816 Scotland, United Kingdom
Fenland 1529 England, United Kingdom
Fenn`s, Whixall, Bettisfield, Wem and Cadney Mosses 2346 England/Wales, United Kingdom  
Inverpolly 29349 Scotland, United Kingdom
Kenfig/ Cynffig 2945 Wales, United Kingdom
Lake District High Fells 66717 England, United Kingdom
Loch Etive Woods 6522 Scotland, United Kingdom  
Loch Maree Complex 38882 Scotland, United Kingdom
Loch Ruthven 497 Scotland, United Kingdom
Merrick Kells 21494 Scotland, United Kingdom
Monadh Mor 622 Scotland, United Kingdom
Morecambe Bay 151985 England, United Kingdom
Morrone Birkwood 787 Scotland, United Kingdom
Morvern Woods 4763 Scotland, United Kingdom
North Norfolk Coast 7926 England, United Kingdom  
North Somerset and Mendip Bats 1387 England, United Kingdom
Pen Llyn a`r Sarnau/ Lleyn Peninsula and the Sarnau 360832 Wales, United Kingdom
Pevensey Levels 8860 England, United Kingdom  
Preseli 6686 Wales, United Kingdom  
Rannoch Moor 24965 Scotland, United Kingdom
Rassal 2514 Scotland, United Kingdom  
Roydon Common and Dersingham Bog 869 England, United Kingdom
Rum 26775 Scotland, United Kingdom
Sefton Coast 11278 England, United Kingdom
Severn Estuary/ Môr Hafren 182155 England/Wales, United Kingdom
Sligachan Peatlands 3561 Scotland, United Kingdom
Solway Firth 107829 England/Scotland, United Kingdom
South Solway Mosses 4849 England, United Kingdom
Strathglass Complex 58277 Scotland, United Kingdom
Subberthwaite, Blawith and Torver Low Commons 4609 England, United Kingdom
Taynish and Knapdale Woods 2388 Scotland, United Kingdom
Tayvallich Juniper and Coast 2999 Scotland, United Kingdom
The Broads 14554 England, United Kingdom  
The Lizard 8048 England, United Kingdom    
The New Forest 72309 England, United Kingdom
Thorne Moor 4718 England, United Kingdom
Thursley, Ash, Pirbright and Chobham 12696 England, United Kingdom
Torbiere d'Iseo 895 Italy  
West Midlands Mosses 455 England, United Kingdom  
Winterton – Horsey Dunes 1053 England, United Kingdom  
Woolmer Forest 1647 England, United Kingdom


Emblem of


Prey / Diet

Carterocephalus palaemon (Arctic skipper)[1]
Chrysoperla carnea (Green Lacewing)[1]
Culiseta alaskaensis (Mosquito)[1]
Dolichopus ungulatus[2]

Prey / Diet Overlap

Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Aeshna cyanea (Southern Hawker Dragonfly)1
Anax imperator (Emperor Dragonfly )1
Cordulegaster boltonii (Golden-ringed Dragonfly)1
Cordulia aenea (Downy Emerald Dragonfly)1
Dolomedes fimbriatus (Raft Spider)1
Gerris lacustris (Common Pond Skater)1
Gomphus pulchellus (Western Clubtail Dragonfly)1
Hydrometra stagnorum (Water Measurer)1
Leucorrhinia dubia (White-faced Dragonfly)1
Libellula depressa (Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly)1
Lithobates sylvaticus (Wood Frog)1
Orthetrum cancellatum (Black-tailed Skimmer)1
Pirata piraticus (Spider)1
Poecile atricapillus (Black-capped Chickadee)1
Somatochlora metallica (Brilliant Emerald)1
Sympetrum danae (Black Darter)1
Sympetrum flaveolum (Yellow-winged Darter)1
Sympetrum fonscolombii (Red-veined Darter)1
Sympetrum sanguineum (Ruddy Darter)1
Sympetrum striolatum (Common Darter)1
Sympetrum vulgatum (Vagrant Darter)1
Tachycineta bicolor (Tree Swallow)1
Tetragnatha extensa (Long-jawed Orb Weaver)1


Carassius carassius (Crucian carp)[3]
Cottus cognatus (Anadyr sculpin)[1]
Lithobates sylvaticus (Wood Frog)[1]
Stenopogon martini[4]
Tachycineta bicolor (Tree Swallow)[1]


Parasitized by 
Joyeuxilepis decacantha[5]
Plagiorchis elegans[5]
Pleurogenoides medians <Unverified Name>[5]
Prosotocus confusus <Unverified Name>[5]
Prosthogonimus cuneatus[5]
Prosthogonimus ovatus[5]
Prosthogonimus pellucidus <Unverified Name>[5]
Skrjabinoeces similis <Unverified Name>[5]

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