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Neoperla spio

Synonyms: Chloroperla spio; Neoperla arambourgana; Neoperla bottegoana; Neoperla burgeoni; Neoperla camerunensis; Neoperla dubia; Neoperla excisa; Neoperla lacroixi; Neoperla laticollis; Neoperla leopoldina; Neoperla lujana; Neoperla luluana; Neoperla needhami; Neoperla nigricauda; Neoperla seyrigiana; Neoperla sjostedti; Neoperla transvaalensis; Ochthopetina annulata; Ochthopetina caudalis; Ochthopetina conradti; Ochthopetina didita; Ochthopetina haugi; Ochthopetina innexa; Ochthopetina petiolata; Ochthopetina tenera; Ochthopetina transvaalensis; Perla spio

Prey / Diet

Schizopera consimilis[1]


Bagrus docmak (Sudan catfish)[1]
Bathyclarias worthingtoni[1]
Cheilochromis euchilus (Malawi thick lip)[1]
Eclectochromis ornatus[1]
Mastacembelus shiranus (Malawi spinyeel)[1]


Africa (West Tropical Africa, West-Central Tropical Africa, Northeast Tropical Africa, East Tropical Africa, South Tropical Africa, Southern Africa) Generally tropic Africa from Sierra Leon across to Kenya, north to Ethiopian and south to Transvaal. The distribution presented here is incomplete until we are able to view the original descriptions, etc.;



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