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Anoplophora glabripennis

Synonyms: Cerosterna glabripennis; Cerosterna lævigator; Melanauster angustatus; Melanauster glabripennis var. laglaisei; Melanauster luteonotatus; Melanauster nankineus; Melanauster nobilis

Invasive Species

The Asian longhorn beetle Anoplophora glabripennis is a large wood-boring beetle that is native to countries in Asia, such as Japan, Korea and China. The beetle spends most of its life within the inner wood of a variety of hardwood trees as larvae which tunnel and feed on the cambium layer, eventually killing the tree. It was first detected in New York 1996, although it is thought to have arrived in the 1980s in solid wood packing material from China. It has since been detected in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Ontario (Canada) and parts of Europe. The Asian longhorn beetle threatens 30-35% of the trees in urban areas of eastern USA. The economic, ecological and aesthetic impacts on the United States would be devastating if the beetle continues to spread. Potential losses have been estimated in the tens to hundreds of billions of US dollars. Current control measures focus on rapidly delimiting new infestations, imposing quarantine and cutting down and burning of infected trees.
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Diet [1]  Herbivore


Autriche; Chine; Etats-Unis; France; Japon; République de Corée;



Species recognized by Tavakilian G., 2011-10-17, TITAN: Cerambycidae database in Catalog of Life 2011
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