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Coccidioides immitis

Synonyms: Aleurisma immite; Blastomycoides immitis; Geotrichum immite; Mycoderma immite; Zymonema immitis

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Coccidioides immitis is a pathogenic fungus that resides in the soil in certain parts of the southwestern United States, northern Mexico, and a few other areas in the Western Hemisphere.
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Parasite of 
Chaetodipus eremicus (eastern desert pocket mouse)[1]
Chaetodipus penicillatus (desert pocket mouse)[2]
Enhydra lutris (Sea Otter)[3]
Lontra canadensis (northern river otter)[3]
Puma concolor (Cougar)[3]
Zalophus californianus (California Sealion)[3]



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