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Setomorpha rutella (Tropical Tobacco Moth)

Synonyms: Amadria clemensella; Apotomia fractiliniella; Chrestotes dryas; Epilegis cariosella; Gelechia multimaculella; Semiota transversestrigella; Setomorpha contestata; Setomorpha corticinella; Setomorpha discipunctella; Setomorpha inamoenella; Setomorpha majorella; Setomorpha margalaestriata; Setomorpha operosella; Setomorpha ruderella; Setomorpha rupicella; Setomorpha sigmoidella; Trisyntopa euryspoda

Wikipedia Abstract

The Tropical Tobacco Moth (Setomorpha rutella) is a moth of the Tineidae family. It is a widely spread species that has been distributed by commerce over much of the warmer parts of Africa, Eurasia, Malaysia, Australia, many Pacific islands and North America and South America.The wingspan is 9–22 mm. Adults are brown and speckled with dark brown or black.The larvae feed on dried goods, cereals, grain, rice, nuts, seeds and other dry vegetable matter.
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Prey / Diet

Araucaria hunsteinii (Klinki pine)[1]
Bertholletia excelsa (brazilnut)[1]
Bixa orellana (lipsticktree)[1]
Dioscorea alata (water yam)[1]
Ipomoea batatas ('uala)[1]
Mangifera indica (mango)[1]
Nicotiana tabacum (cultivated tobacco)[1]
Zingiber officinale (Ginger)[1]



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