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Basidiomycota (mushrooms, rusts, smuts, puffballs) with Relationships

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Basidiomycota /bəˌsɪdi.ɵmaɪˈkoʊtə/ is one of two large phyla that, together with the Ascomycota, constitute the subkingdom Dikarya (often referred to as the "higher fungi") within the kingdom Fungi.More specifically the Basidiomycota include these groups: mushrooms, puffballs, stinkhorns, bracket fungi, other polypores, jelly fungi, boletes, chanterelles, earth stars, smuts, bunts, rusts, mirror yeasts, and the human pathogenic yeast Cryptococcus.Basidiomycota are filamentous fungi composed of hyphae (except for yeasts), and reproduce sexually via the formation of specialized club-shaped end cells called basidia that normally bear external meiospores (usually four).
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