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Aenictus (Legionary ant)

Wikipedia Abstract

Aenictus is a large army ant genus distributed in the Old World tropics and subtropics. It contains about 181 species, making it one of the larger ant genera of the world.
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Aenictus abeillei
Aenictus alluaudi
Aenictus alticola
Aenictus ambiguus
Aenictus anceps
Aenictus annae
Aenictus aratus
Aenictus artipus
Aenictus arya
Aenictus asantei
Aenictus asperivalvus
Aenictus bakeri
Aenictus bayoni
Aenictus binghami
Aenictus biroi
Aenictus bottegoi
Aenictus brazzai
Aenictus brevicornis
Aenictus buttelreepeni
Aenictus buttgenbachi
Aenictus camposi
Aenictus certus
Aenictus ceylonicus
Aenictus chapmani
Aenictus clavatus
Aenictus clavitibia
Aenictus congolensis
Aenictus cornutus
Aenictus crucifer
Aenictus currax
Aenictus decolor
Aenictus dentatus
Aenictus dlusskyi
Aenictus doryloides
Aenictus eugenii
Aenictus exilis
Aenictus feae
Aenictus fergusoni
Aenictus foreli
Aenictus furculatus
Aenictus furibundus
Aenictus fuscipennis
Aenictus fuscovarius
Aenictus gibbosus
Aenictus gleadowii
Aenictus gracilis
Aenictus grandis
Aenictus hamifer
Aenictus hilli
Aenictus hottai
Aenictus humeralis
Aenictus huonicus
Aenictus icarus
Aenictus idoneus
Aenictus inconspicuus
Aenictus jacobsoni
Aenictus javanus
Aenictus laeviceps
Aenictus latifemoratus
Aenictus latiscapus
Aenictus leliepvrei
Aenictus lifuiae
Aenictus longi
Aenictus luteus
Aenictus luzoni
Aenictus mariae
Aenictus maroccanus
Aenictus mauritanicus
Aenictus mentu
Aenictus minutulus
Aenictus mocsaryi
Aenictus moebii
Aenictus mutatus
Aenictus nganduensis
Aenictus obscurus
Aenictus pachycerus
Aenictus peguensis
Aenictus pharoa
Aenictus philiporum
Aenictus philippinensis
Aenictus piercei
Aenictus porizonoides
Aenictus powersi
Aenictus pubescens
Aenictus punctiventris
Aenictus punensis
Aenictus rabori
Aenictus raptor
Aenictus reyesi
Aenictus rhodiensis
Aenictus rixator
Aenictus rotundatus
Aenictus rougieri
Aenictus sagei
Aenictus schneirlai
Aenictus shuckardi
Aenictus silvestrii
Aenictus soudanicus
Aenictus spathifer
Aenictus steindachneri
Aenictus sumatrensis
Aenictus togoensis
Aenictus trigonus
Aenictus vagans
Aenictus vaucheri
Aenictus villiersi
Aenictus weissi
Aenictus westwoodi
Aenictus wroughtonii


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