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Archips (Fruit tree leafroller)

Wikipedia Abstract

Archips is a genus of tortrix moths the tribe Archipini. Species include the oak leaf roller (A. semiferanus), and other notorious pests.
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Archips abiephaga
Archips abscisana
Archips aequiflexa
Archips alberta
Archips alcmaeonis
Archips alleni
Archips arcanus
Archips argyrospila
Archips asiaticus
Archips atrolucens
Archips audax
Archips australana
Archips barlowi
Archips betulana
Archips biforata
Archips binigrata
Archips breviplicana
Archips capsigerana
Archips cerasivorana
Archips ceylonicus
Archips citimus
Archips clivigera
Archips compitalis
Archips crataegana
Archips cratista
Archips cremnobates
Archips davisi
Archips dichotoma
Archips dierli
Archips dispilana
Archips dispositana
Archips dissitana
Archips ecclisis
Archips eductana
Archips elongatus
Archips emitescens
Archips endoi
Archips enodis
Archips eupatris
Archips euryplintha
Archips excurvata
Archips eximius
Archips expansa
Archips fervidana
Archips formosanus
Archips fraterna
Archips fumosus
Archips fuscocupreanus
Archips gelophodes
Archips georgiana
Archips grisea
Archips gyraleus
Archips hemixantha
Archips ignescana
Archips inanis
Archips infumatana
Archips ingentana
Archips inopinatana
Archips insulanus
Archips issikii
Archips kellerianus
Archips labyrinthopa
Archips limatus
Archips machlopis
Archips magnifica
Archips magnoliana
Archips mansueta
Archips menotoma
Archips meridionalis
Archips micaceana
Archips myrrhophanes
Archips negundana (Larger Boxelder Leafroller)
Archips nigricaudana
Archips nigriplagana
Archips nuptana
Archips occidentalis
Archips ochrostoma
Archips opiparus
Archips oporana
Archips pachyvalvus
Archips packardiana
Archips paredraea
Archips paterata
Archips pensilis
Archips peratratus
Archips philippa
Archips podana (Large Fruit-tree Tortrix)
Archips polygraphana
Archips pruneticola
Archips pulchra
Archips punctiseriata
Archips purpurana
Archips quinquenotata
Archips recurvana
Archips rileyana
Archips rosana (Rose Tortrix)
Archips rudy
Archips sayonae
Archips secura
Archips securiferana
Archips seditiosa
Archips semiferanus
Archips semistructa
Archips shibatai
Archips solida
Archips spinatus
Archips stapiana
Archips strianus
Archips strigopterus
Archips strojny
Archips subrufana
Archips subsidiaria
Archips symmetra
Archips tabescens
Archips taiwanensis
Archips termias
Archips tharsaleopa
Archips thysanoma
Archips tsuganus
Archips unimaculata
Archips ursina
Archips vagrans
Archips viola
Archips wallacei
Archips xanthophilana
Archips xylosteana (Variegated Golden Tortrix)
Archips xylosteanus <Unverified Name>


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