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Basilornis (Mynah)

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Basilornis is a genus of mynas in the Sturnidae family. Established by Charles Lucien Bonaparte in 1850, it contains the following species:Sulawesi myna (Basilornis celebensis)Long-crested myna (Basilornis corythaix)Helmeted myna (Basilornis galeatus)Apo myna (Basilornis mirandus)The name Basilornis is a combination of the Greek words basileus, meaning "king" and ornis, meaning "bird".
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Basilornis celebensis (Sulawesi Myna) (Attributes)
Basilornis corythaix (Long-crested Myna) (Attributes)
Basilornis galeatus (Helmeted Myna) (Attributes)
Basilornis mirandus (Mount Apo mynah) (Attributes)


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