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Cerapachys (Ant)

Wikipedia Abstract

Cerapachys (common names include "raider ant" and "ant-raiding ant") is a genus of ants in the subfamily Dorylinae. Species are mainly myrmecophagous ants which raid the nests of other ants for prey. The genus is distributed widely throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the world, with the majority of species known from the Indo-Australian region.
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Cerapachys aberrans
Cerapachys adamus
Cerapachys afer
Cerapachys aitkenii
Cerapachys angustatus
Cerapachys annosus
Cerapachys antennatus
Cerapachys aranus
Cerapachys arnoldi
Cerapachys augustae
Cerapachys bakeri
Cerapachys besucheti
Cerapachys bicolor
Cerapachys binodis
Cerapachys biroi
Cerapachys braunsi
Cerapachys braytoni
Cerapachys brevicollis
Cerapachys brevis
Cerapachys bryanti
Cerapachys centurio
Cerapachys clarki
Cerapachys coecus
Cerapachys cohici
Cerapachys conservatus
Cerapachys constrictus
Cerapachys coxalis
Cerapachys crassus
Cerapachys crawleyi
Cerapachys cribrinodis
Cerapachys cryptus
Cerapachys davisi
Cerapachys decorsei
Cerapachys desertorum
Cerapachys desposyne
Cerapachys dohertyi
Cerapachys dominulus
Cerapachys dumbletoni
Cerapachys edentatus
Cerapachys elegans
Cerapachys faurei
Cerapachys favosus
Cerapachys fervidus
Cerapachys ficosus
Cerapachys flammeus
Cerapachys flavaclavatus
Cerapachys foreli
Cerapachys fossulatus
Cerapachys foveolatus
Cerapachys fragosus
Cerapachys fuscior
Cerapachys gilesi
Cerapachys grandis
Cerapachys greavesi
Cerapachys gwynethae
Cerapachys heros
Cerapachys hewitti
Cerapachys hondurianus
Cerapachys humicola
Cerapachys imerinensis
Cerapachys inconspicuus
Cerapachys incontentus
Cerapachys indicus
Cerapachys jacobsoni
Cerapachys jovis
Cerapachys kenyensis
Cerapachys kodecorum
Cerapachys kraepelinii
Cerapachys krombeini
Cerapachys lamborni
Cerapachys larvatus
Cerapachys latus
Cerapachys lindrothi
Cerapachys lividus
Cerapachys longitarsus
Cerapachys luteoviger
Cerapachys luzuriagae
Cerapachys macrops
Cerapachys majusculus
Cerapachys manni
Cerapachys marginatus
Cerapachys mayri
Cerapachys mjobergi
Cerapachys muiri
Cerapachys mullewanus
Cerapachys natalensis
Cerapachys neotropicus
Cerapachys niger
Cerapachys nigriventris
Cerapachys nitens
Cerapachys nitidulus
Cerapachys nkomoensis
Cerapachys noctambulus
Cerapachys opacus
Cerapachys papuanus
Cerapachys pawa
Cerapachys peringueyi
Cerapachys picipes
Cerapachys pictus
Cerapachys piliventris
Cerapachys piochardi
Cerapachys polynikes
Cerapachys potteri
Cerapachys princeps
Cerapachys pruinosus
Cerapachys pubescens
Cerapachys punctatissimus
Cerapachys pusillus
Cerapachys reticulatus
Cerapachys ruficornis
Cerapachys rufithorax
Cerapachys rugulinodis
Cerapachys salimani
Cerapachys sauteri
Cerapachys sculpturatus
Cerapachys senescens
Cerapachys similis
Cerapachys simmonsae
Cerapachys singaporensis
Cerapachys singularis
Cerapachys sjostedti
Cerapachys splendens
Cerapachys sudanensis
Cerapachys sulcinodis
Cerapachys superatus
Cerapachys suscitatus
Cerapachys sylvicola
Cerapachys terricola
Cerapachys toltecus
Cerapachys turneri
Cerapachys typhlus
Cerapachys validus
Cerapachys varians
Cerapachys versicolor
Cerapachys vespula
Cerapachys villiersi
Cerapachys vitiensis
Cerapachys wittmeri
Cerapachys wroughtoni
Cerapachys xizangensis
Cerapachys zimmermani


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