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Chelonoidis (Tortoise)

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Chelonoidis is a genus of turtles in the tortoise family. They are found in South America and the Galápagos Islands. They were formerly assigned to Geochelone, but a recent comparative genetic analysis has indicated that they are actually most closely related to African hingeback tortoises. Their ancestors apparently floated across the Atlantic in the Oligocene.
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Chelonoidis abingdonii (nigra) (Attributes)
Chelonoidis becki (Cape Berkeley Giant Tortoise)
Chelonoidis carbonarius (Red-footed Tortoise) (Attributes)
Chelonoidis chathamensis (Chatham Island Giant Tortoise)
Chelonoidis chilensis (Chilean Tortoise)
Chelonoidis darwini (James Island Giant Tortoise) (Critically Endangered)
Chelonoidis denticulatus (Yellow-footed Tortoise) (Attributes)
Chelonoidis donfaustoi
Chelonoidis duncanensis (Duncan Island Giant Tortoise) (Extinct in the wild)
Chelonoidis hoodensis (Hood Island Giant Tortoise) (Critically Endangered)
Chelonoidis niger (Galápagos tortoise)
Chelonoidis phantastica (Narborough Island Giant Tortoise)
Chelonoidis porteri (Indefatigable Island Giant Tortoise) (Endangered)
Chelonoidis vicina (Isabela Island Giant Tortoise) (Endangered)


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