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Cleroidea (Beetles)

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Cleroidea is a small superfamily of beetles. Most of the members of the group are somewhat slender, often with fairly soft, flexible elytra, and typically hairy or scaly. It contains about 10,000 species in the families: \n* Acanthocnemidae Crowson 1964 \n* Chaetosomatidae Crowson 1952 \n* Cleridae Latreille 1802 (checkered beetles) \n* Melyridae Leach 1815 (soft-winged flower beetles) (includes Malachiidae and Dasytidae) \n* Phloiophilidae Kiesenwetter 1863 \n* Phycosecidae Crowson 1952 \n* Prionoceridae Lacordaire 1857 \n* Trogossitidae Latreille 1802 (bark-gnawing beetles)
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Biphyllidae (3)
Byturidae (4)
Cleridae (checkered beetles) (293)
Melyridae (solf-winged flower beetles) (7)
Thanerocleridae (3)
Trogossitidae (Bark-gnawing beetle) (2)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count


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