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Cucujoidea (Beetles)

Wikipedia Abstract

Cucujoidea is a superfamily of beetles. They include many fungus beetles, as well as lady beetles ("ladybugs" or "ladybirds"). Also included are a diversity of lineages of "bark beetles" unrelated to the "true" bark beetles (Scolytinae), which are weevils (superfamily Curculionidea).
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Cryptophagidae (silken fungus beetles) (154)
Cucujidae (flat bark beetles) (23)
Cybocephalidae (5)
Erotylidae (pleasing fungus beetles) (102)
Kateretidae (21)
Laemophloeidae (113)
Monotomidae (111)
Nitidulidae (sap beetles) (336)
Passandridae (3)
Phalacridae (shining flower beetles) (1)
Silvanidae (38)
Smicripidae (2)
Sphindidae (dry-fungus beetles) (22)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count


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