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Cyanolyca (Jay)

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Cyanolyca is a genus of small jays found in humid highland forests in southern Mexico, Central America and the Andes in South America. All are largely blue and have a black mask. They also possess black bills and legs and are skulking birds. They frequently join mixed-species flocks of birds.
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Cyanolyca argentigula (Silvery-throated Jay)
Cyanolyca armillata (Black-collared Jay)
Cyanolyca cucullata (Azure-hooded Jay)
Cyanolyca mirabilis (White-throated Jay)
Cyanolyca nanus (Dwarf Jay)
Cyanolyca pulchra (Beautiful Jay)
Cyanolyca pumilo (Black-throated Jay)
Cyanolyca turcosa (Turquoise Jay)
Cyanolyca viridicyanus (Collared jay)


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