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Elateroidea (Beetles)

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The Elateroidea are a large superfamily of beetles. It contains the familiar click beetles, fireflies, and soldier beetles and their relatives. Certain clusters of families within the superfamily are more strongly related to one another; for example, the Elateridae have close ties to the Anischiidae, Cerophytidae, Eucnemidae, and Throscidae, and some of these beetles can also "click". The validity and relationships of some families, such as Podabrocephalidae, Rhagophthalmidae, and Rhinorhipidae, are not fully resolved.
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Artematopodidae (16)
Brachypsectridae (the texas beetle) (1)
Cantharidae (soldier beetles) (2)
Cerophytidae (cerophytid beetles) (21)
Elateridae (click beetles) (79)
Eucnemidae (false click beetles) (35)
Lampyridae (fireflies and lightningbugs) (2,249)
Lycidae (net-winged beetles) (80)
Omethidae (Beetle) (11)
Phengodidae (glow-worms) (206)
Rhagophthalmidae (53)
Telegeusidae (telegeusid beetles) (8)
Throscidae (throseid beetles) (24)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count


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