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Gallotia (Lizard)

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The genus Gallotia are the lacertids (wall lizards) of the Canary Islands. This genus consists of a group that has been evolving there ever since the first islands emerged from the sea over 20 million years ago. The endemic species and subspecies of this group have a number of characteristics that make them quite special within their family (Lacertidae); their only close relatives are the sandrunner lizards (Psammodromus) of the western Mediterranean region.
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Gallotia atlantica (Atlantic Lizard) (Attributes)
Gallotia auaritae (La Palma Giant Lizard) (Critically Endangered)
Gallotia bravoana (La Gomera Giant Lizard) (Critically Endangered)
Gallotia caesaris (Boettger's Lizard)
Gallotia galloti (Gallot's Lizard) (Attributes)
Gallotia intermedia (Tenerife Speckled Lizard) (Critically Endangered)
Gallotia simonyi (Simony's Lizard) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Gallotia stehlini (Gran Canaria Giant Lizard) (Attributes)

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