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Haplophaedia (Puffleg)

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Haplophaedia is a small genus of hummingbirds, which - together with the members of the genus Eriocnemis - are known as pufflegs. They are found at low levels in humid forest, woodland and shrub at altitudes of 1200 to 3100 m. asl in the Andes of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. All species have a straight black bill, a coppery-green plumage, and a slightly forked dark blue tail. The leg-puffs are white in the greenish and hoary Pufflegs, and buff-tinged in the buff-thighed puffleg.
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Haplophaedia assimilis (Buff-thighed Puffleg) (Attributes)
Haplophaedia aureliae (Greenish Puffleg) (Attributes)
Haplophaedia lugens (Hoary Puffleg) (Attributes)


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