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Melanocorypha (Lark)

Wikipedia Abstract

Melanocorypha is a small genus of birds in the lark family. Its members mainly occur in temperate Asia from Turkey through Central Asia to China, but the calandra lark also has an extensive European distribution around the Mediterranean.These larks are mostly partially migratory, moving relatively short distances from the coldest parts of their ranges. Several species are very rare vagrants to western Europe.These are birds of open cultivation, steppe or semi-desert.
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Melanocorypha bimaculata (Bimaculated Lark) (Attributes)
Melanocorypha calandra (Calandra Lark) (Attributes)
Melanocorypha leucoptera (White-winged Lark) (Attributes)
Melanocorypha maxima (Tibetan Lark) (Attributes)
Melanocorypha mongolica (Mongolian Lark) (Attributes)
Melanocorypha yeltoniensis (Black Lark) (Attributes)


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