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Melozone (Ground sparrow)

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Melozone is a genus of mostly neotropical birds in the Emberizidae family, found mainly in Mexico. Three species reach as far north as the southwestern United States, two species reach as far south as Costa Rica, and two are endemic to Mexico. The following species are in the genus Melozone:
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Melozone aberti (Abert's Towhee) (Attributes)
Melozone albicollis (White-throated Towhee) (Attributes)
Melozone biarcuata (Prevost's Ground-Sparrow) (Attributes)
Melozone cabanisi (Costa Rican Ground-sparrow) (Attributes)
Melozone crissalis (California Towhee) (Attributes)
Melozone fusca (Canyon Towhee) (Attributes)
Melozone kieneri (Rusty-crowned Ground-Sparrow) (Attributes)
Melozone leucotis (White-eared Ground-Sparrow) (Attributes)


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