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Mesalina (Sand lizard)

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Mesalina is a genus of wall lizards of the family Lacertidae. It has fourteen described species.
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Mesalina adramitana (Hadramawt Sand Lizard)
Mesalina ayunensis (Arnold's Sand Lizard)
Mesalina bahaeldini
Mesalina balfouri
Mesalina brevirostris
Mesalina ercolinii (Lanza's Racerunner)
Mesalina guttulata (Small-spotted Lizard)
Mesalina kuri
Mesalina martini (Martins Desert Racer)
Mesalina olivieri (Olivier's Sand Lizard) (Attributes)
Mesalina pasteuri (Pasteur's Lizard)
Mesalina rubropunctata (Red-spotted Lizard) (Attributes)
Mesalina simoni
Mesalina watsonana


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