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Myrmica (Ant)

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Myrmica is a genus of ants within the subfamily Myrmicinae. It is widespread throughout the temperate regions of the Holarctic and high mountains in Southeast Asia. The genus consists of around 200 known species, and additional subspecies, although this figure is likely only to rise as soon as Chinese and Neartic fauna lists are revised.
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Myrmica aborigenica
Myrmica ademonia
Myrmica aemula
Myrmica aimonissabaudiae
Myrmica alaskensis (Ant)
Myrmica aloba
Myrmica americana
Myrmica angulinodis
Myrmica angusticollis
Myrmica archaica
Myrmica arnoldii
Myrmica assimilis
Myrmica bakurianica
Myrmica beesoni
Myrmica bergi
Myrmica bessarabica
Myrmica bibikoffi (Ant)
Myrmica bidentata
Myrmica bremii
Myrmica breviceps
Myrmica brevispinosa
Myrmica caeca
Myrmica caucasicola
Myrmica chinensis
Myrmica colax (Ant)
Myrmica commarginata
Myrmica concinna
Myrmica corrugata
Myrmica cursor
Myrmica curvithorax
Myrmica deplanata
Myrmica dicaporiaccoi
Myrmica discontinua
Myrmica displicentia
Myrmica diversa
Myrmica dshungarica
Myrmica ereptrix (Ant)
Myrmica everesti
Myrmica excelsa
Myrmica faniensis
Myrmica ferganensis
Myrmica forcipata
Myrmica formosae
Myrmica fracticornis
Myrmica gallienii
Myrmica hamulata
Myrmica hellenica
Myrmica helleri
Myrmica hirsuta (Ant)
Myrmica humilis
Myrmica incompleta
Myrmica incurvata
Myrmica indica
Myrmica inezae
Myrmica inflecta
Myrmica jessensis
Myrmica jucunda
Myrmica juglandeti
Myrmica jurinei
Myrmica kabylica
Myrmica kamtschatica
Myrmica karavajevi
Myrmica kasczenkoi
Myrmica kirghisorum
Myrmica kotokui
Myrmica kozlovi
Myrmica kryzhanovskii
Myrmica kurokii
Myrmica lacustris
Myrmica lampra (Ant)
Myrmica latifrons
Myrmica laurae (Ant)
Myrmica lemasnei (Ant)
Myrmica lineolata
Myrmica lobicornis
Myrmica lobifrons
Myrmica longispinosa
Myrmica luctuosa
Myrmica luteola
Myrmica macrocephala
Myrmica margaritae
Myrmica mexicana
Myrmica minuta
Myrmica molassica
Myrmica montana
Myrmica monticola
Myrmica myrmicoxena (Ant)
Myrmica nearctica
Myrmica nebulosa
Myrmica obscurata
Myrmica obsoleta
Myrmica orientalis
Myrmica orthostyla
Myrmica pachei
Myrmica pilinodis
Myrmica pinetorum
Myrmica pisarskii
Myrmica punctiventris
Myrmica quebecensis (Ant)
Myrmica ravasinii
Myrmica ritae
Myrmica rubra (Red Ant) (Invasive)
Myrmica rugifrons
Myrmica ruginodis (Red Field Ant)
Myrmica rugiventris
Myrmica rugosa
Myrmica rugulosa
Myrmica sabuleti
Myrmica salina
Myrmica samnitica (Ant)
Myrmica saposhnikovi
Myrmica scabrata
Myrmica scabrinodis
Myrmica schencki
Myrmica serica
Myrmica silvestrii
Myrmica smythiesii
Myrmica spatulata
Myrmica specularis
Myrmica stangeana
Myrmica striolagaster
Myrmica sublanuginosa
Myrmica sulcinodis
Myrmica symbiotica (Ant)
Myrmica taediosa
Myrmica tahoensis
Myrmica tenuispina
Myrmica tertiaria
Myrmica tianshanica
Myrmica tibetana
Myrmica transsibirica
Myrmica tschekanovskii
Myrmica turcica
Myrmica vandeli
Myrmica venusta
Myrmica wesmaeli
Myrmica wheeleri
Myrmica whymperi
Myrmica winterae (Ant)
Myrmica yoshiokai
Myrmica zojae


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