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Noctuoidea (Moths)

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Noctuoidea is the superfamily of noctuid (Latin "night owl") or "owlet" moths, and has more than 70000 described species, the largest number of for any Lepidopteran superfamily. Its classification has not yet reached a satisfactory or stable state.
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Arctiidae (footman moths and tiger moths) (9,573)   (1)
Doidae (7)
Lymantriidae (Tussock moth) (2,673)   (1)
Noctuidae (cutworms, dagger moths, noctuid moths, owlet moths, and underwings) (23,070)
Nolidae (nolid moths) (1,877)
Notodontidae (prominent moths) (3,969)   (1)   (1)
Oenosandridae (5)
Pantheidae (98)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count


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