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Ophidiiformes (Cuskeels & brotulas)

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Ophidiiformes is an order of ray-finned fish that includes the cusk-eels (family Ophidiidae), pearlfishes (family Carapidae), brotulas (family Bythitidae), and others. Members of this order have small heads and long slender bodies. They have either smooth scales or no scales, a long dorsal fin and an anal fin that typically runs into the caudal fin. They mostly come from the tropics and subtropics, and live in both freshwater and marine habitats, including abyssal depths. They have adopted a range of feeding methods and lifestyles, including parasitism. The majority are egg-laying, but some are viviparous.
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Aphyonidae (Aphyonid fish) (23)
Bythitidae (viviparous brotulas) (212)   (3)
Carapidae (pearlfishes) (36)
Ophidiidae (brotulas and cusk eels) (258)
Parabrotulidae (False brotula) (3)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count


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