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Paratrechina (Crazy ant)

Wikipedia Abstract

Paratrechina is an ant genus from the subfamily Formicinae (tribe Plagiolepidini). Five species are included in this genus, one of which, the longhorn crazy ant (Paratrechina longicornis), is a widespread pest.
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Paratrechina albipes
Paratrechina amblyops
Paratrechina anthracina
Paratrechina arenivaga
Paratrechina arlesi
Paratrechina aseta
Paratrechina assimilis
Paratrechina austroccidua
Paratrechina birmana
Paratrechina bourbonica
Paratrechina brasiliensis
Paratrechina braueri
Paratrechina bruesii
Paratrechina burgesi
Paratrechina butteli
Paratrechina caeciliae
Paratrechina caledonica
Paratrechina cisipa
Paratrechina clandestina
Paratrechina colchica
Paratrechina comorensis
Paratrechina concinna
Paratrechina consuta
Paratrechina darlingtoni
Paratrechina dichroa
Paratrechina dispar
Paratrechina dugasi
Paratrechina emarginata
Paratrechina faisonensis
Paratrechina flavipes
Paratrechina foreli
Paratrechina formosae
Paratrechina fulva (tawny crazy ant)
Paratrechina glabra
Paratrechina goeldii
Paratrechina gracilis
Paratrechina grisoni
Paratrechina guatemalensis
Paratrechina hubrechti
Paratrechina humbloti
Paratrechina hystrix
Paratrechina incallida
Paratrechina indica
Paratrechina iridescens
Paratrechina jaegerskioeldi
Paratrechina johannae
Paratrechina kohli
Paratrechina koningsbergeri
Paratrechina kraepelini
Paratrechina lecamopteridis
Paratrechina lepida
Paratrechina lietzi
Paratrechina longicornis (crazy ant) (Invasive)
Paratrechina madagascarensis
Paratrechina manni
Paratrechina mendica
Paratrechina mexicana
Paratrechina microps
Paratrechina minutula
Paratrechina mixta
Paratrechina myops
Paratrechina nana
Paratrechina nettae
Paratrechina nodifera
Paratrechina nuggeti
Paratrechina obscura
Paratrechina oceanica
Paratrechina opaca
Paratrechina pallida
Paratrechina parvula
Paratrechina pearsei
Paratrechina perminuta
Paratrechina phantasma
Paratrechina picta
Paratrechina pieli
Paratrechina pubens (Caribbean crazy ant) (Invasive)
Paratrechina pusillima
Paratrechina rosae
Paratrechina sakurae
Paratrechina sauteri
Paratrechina sharpii
Paratrechina sikorae
Paratrechina silvestrii
Paratrechina simpliciuscula
Paratrechina sindbadi
Paratrechina smythiesii
Paratrechina staudingeri
Paratrechina steinheili
Paratrechina subtilis
Paratrechina tapinomoides
Paratrechina tasmaniensis
Paratrechina taylori
Paratrechina teranishii
Paratrechina terricola
Paratrechina tjibodana
Paratrechina tococae
Paratrechina traegaordhi
Paratrechina vaga
Paratrechina vagabunda
Paratrechina vitiensis
Paratrechina vividula
Paratrechina waelbroecki
Paratrechina weissi
Paratrechina wojciki
Paratrechina yerburyi
Paratrechina zelotypa


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