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Parides (Cattleheart butterfly)

Wikipedia Abstract

Parides, commonly called Cattlehearts, is a genus of swallowtail butterflies in the family Papilionidae. They are found in the Americas (Neotropical ecozone).
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Parides aeneas
Parides agavus
Parides alopius (White-dotted Cattleheart)
Parides anchises (Cattleheart butterfly)
Parides ascanius (Fluminense swallowtail)
Parides bunichus
Parides burchellanus (Fluminense swallowtail) (Attributes)
Parides chabrias
Parides childrenae (Cattleheart butterfly) (Attributes)
Parides cutorina
Parides echemon (Cattleheart butterfly)
Parides erithalion (Cattleheart butterfly)
Parides eurimedes
Parides gundlachianus
Parides hahneli (Hahnel's amazonian swallowtail)
Parides iphidamas
Parides klagesi (Cattleheart butterfly)
Parides lysander (Cattleheart butterfly)
Parides montezuma (Montezuma swallowtail)
Parides neophilus (Cattleheart butterfly)
Parides orellana
Parides panares
Parides panthonus
Parides phalaecus
Parides phosphorus
Parides photinus (Red cattleheart butterfly)
Parides pizarro (Cattleheart butterfly)
Parides proneus
Parides quadratus
Parides sesostris (Cattleheart butterfly)
Parides tros
Parides vercingetorix
Parides vertumnus (Cattleheart butterfly)
Parides zacynthus


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