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Pholcus (Long-bodied cellar spider)

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The spider genus Pholcus contains the Daddy long-legs spider P. phalangioides. Confusion often arises because the name "Daddy longlegs" is also applied to two other unrelated arthropods: the Harvestman and the Crane Fly.
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Pholcus acutulus
Pholcus afghanus
Pholcus alloctospilus
Pholcus alticeps
Pholcus anachoreta
Pholcus ancoralis
Pholcus armeniacus
Pholcus arsacius
Pholcus babao
Pholcus baldiosensis
Pholcus beijingensis
Pholcus berlandi
Pholcus bessus
Pholcus bicornutus
Pholcus bidentatus
Pholcus bimbache
Pholcus bourgini
Pholcus calcar
Pholcus calligaster
Pholcus caspius
Pholcus ceylonicus
Pholcus chappuisi
Pholcus chattoni
Pholcus chicheng
Pholcus circularis
Pholcus clavatus
Pholcus claviger
Pholcus clavimaculatus
Pholcus cophenius
Pholcus corcho
Pholcus corniger
Pholcus crassipalpis
Pholcus crassus
Pholcus creticus
Pholcus crypticolens
Pholcus dali
Pholcus datan
Pholcus dentatus
Pholcus dentifrons
Pholcus diopsis
Pholcus djelalabad
Pholcus donensis
Pholcus dungara
Pholcus edentatus
Pholcus elongatus
Pholcus elymaeus
Pholcus excavatus
Pholcus exceptus
Pholcus exilis
Pholcus extumidus
Pholcus fagei
Pholcus fengcheng
Pholcus fragillimus
Pholcus fuerteventurensis
Pholcus gaoi
Pholcus genuiformis
Pholcus gomerae
Pholcus gosuensis
Pholcus gracillimus
Pholcus guadarfia
Pholcus guani
Pholcus gui
Pholcus guineensis
Pholcus harveyi
Pholcus helenae
Pholcus henanensis
Pholcus hieroglyphicus
Pholcus higoensis
Pholcus huberi
Pholcus hyrcanus
Pholcus hytaspus
Pholcus intricatus
Pholcus jinniu
Pholcus jinwum
Pholcus jiulong
Pholcus jixianensis
Pholcus joreongensis
Pholcus kakum
Pholcus kandahar
Pholcus kangding
Pholcus kapuri
Pholcus kimi
Pholcus knoeseli
Pholcus koah
Pholcus kunming
Pholcus kwanaksanensis
Pholcus kwangkyosanensis
Pholcus lambertoni
Pholcus lamperti
Pholcus leruthi
Pholcus lingulatus
Pholcus linzhou
Pholcus longiventris
Pholcus lucifugus
Pholcus luding
Pholcus madeirensis
Pholcus magnus
Pholcus malpaisensis
Pholcus manueli
Pholcus maronita
Pholcus mascaensis
Pholcus medicus
Pholcus medog
Pholcus mengla
Pholcus mianshanensis
Pholcus montanus
Pholcus multidentatus
Pholcus muralicola
Pholcus nagasakiensis
Pholcus nenjukovi
Pholcus oculosus
Pholcus okinawaensis
Pholcus opilionoides
Pholcus ornatus
Pholcus paralinzhou
Pholcus parayichengicus
Pholcus parkyeonensis
Pholcus parthicus
Pholcus parvus
Pholcus pennatus
Pholcus persicus
Pholcus phalangioides (Long-bodied cellar spider) (Attributes)
Pholcus phoenixus
Pholcus phungiformes
Pholcus podophthalmus
Pholcus pojeonensis
Pholcus ponticus
Pholcus qingchengensis
Pholcus quinghaiensis
Pholcus quinquenotatus
Pholcus roquensis
Pholcus saaristoi
Pholcus shangrila
Pholcus sidorenkoi
Pholcus silvai
Pholcus socheunensis
Pholcus sogdianae
Pholcus sokkrisanensis
Pholcus songi
Pholcus songxian
Pholcus spasskyi
Pholcus spiliensis
Pholcus spilis
Pholcus strandi
Pholcus sublingulatus
Pholcus subwuyiensis
Pholcus suizhongicus
Pholcus sumatraensis
Pholcus sveni
Pholcus tagoman
Pholcus taibaiensis
Pholcus taibeli
Pholcus taishan
Pholcus tenerifensis
Pholcus triangulatus
Pholcus turcicus
Pholcus vachoni
Pholcus vatovae
Pholcus velitchkovskyi
Pholcus vesculus
Pholcus wangxidong
Pholcus wuling
Pholcus wuyiensis
Pholcus xinjiangensis
Pholcus yangi
Pholcus yichengicus
Pholcus yoshikurai
Pholcus yugong
Pholcus zham
Pholcus zhangae
Pholcus zhuolu


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