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Pogonomyrmex (Red Texas harvester ant)

Wikipedia Abstract

Pogonomyrmex is a genus of harvester ants, occurring primarily in the deserts of North, Central, and South America, with a single endemic species from Haiti.
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Pogonomyrmex abdominalis
Pogonomyrmex anergismus (Harvester ant)
Pogonomyrmex angustus
Pogonomyrmex anzensis
Pogonomyrmex apache
Pogonomyrmex atratus
Pogonomyrmex badius (Florida harvester ant)
Pogonomyrmex barbatus (red harvester ant)
Pogonomyrmex bicolor
Pogonomyrmex bigbendensis
Pogonomyrmex bispinosus
Pogonomyrmex brevibarbis
Pogonomyrmex brevispinosus
Pogonomyrmex bruchi
Pogonomyrmex californicus (California harvester ant)
Pogonomyrmex carbonarius
Pogonomyrmex catanlilensis
Pogonomyrmex coarctatus
Pogonomyrmex colei (Harvester ant)
Pogonomyrmex comanche
Pogonomyrmex cunicularius
Pogonomyrmex desertorum
Pogonomyrmex fossilis
Pogonomyrmex guatemaltecus
Pogonomyrmex huachucanus
Pogonomyrmex imberbiculus
Pogonomyrmex inermis
Pogonomyrmex laevigatus
Pogonomyrmex laevinodis
Pogonomyrmex laticeps
Pogonomyrmex lobatus
Pogonomyrmex longibarbis
Pogonomyrmex magnacanthus
Pogonomyrmex marcusi
Pogonomyrmex maricopa (maricopa harvester ant)
Pogonomyrmex mayri
Pogonomyrmex meridionalis
Pogonomyrmex micans
Pogonomyrmex montanus
Pogonomyrmex naegelii
Pogonomyrmex occidentalis (western harvester ant)
Pogonomyrmex odoratus
Pogonomyrmex pima
Pogonomyrmex pronotalis
Pogonomyrmex rastratus
Pogonomyrmex rugosus (rough harvester ant)
Pogonomyrmex salinus
Pogonomyrmex saucius
Pogonomyrmex schmitti
Pogonomyrmex subdentatus
Pogonomyrmex subnitidus
Pogonomyrmex sylvestris
Pogonomyrmex tenuipubens
Pogonomyrmex tenuispinus
Pogonomyrmex texanus
Pogonomyrmex theresiae
Pogonomyrmex uruguayensis
Pogonomyrmex variabilis
Pogonomyrmex vermiculatus
Pogonomyrmex wheeleri


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