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Solanum (Solanum)

Wikipedia Abstract

"Horsenettle" and variants redirect here. If used for a particular species, this name usually applies to the Carolina Horsenettle (S. carolinense).Solanum is a large and diverse genus of flowering plants, which include two food crops of the highest economic importance, the potato and the tomato.
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Solanum abancayense (Attributes)
Solanum abbotianum (Attributes)
Solanum abitaguense (Attributes)
Solanum abollatum (Attributes)
Solanum abortivum (Attributes)
Solanum abutilifolium (Attributes)
Solanum abutiloides (Attributes)
Solanum acanthodapis (Attributes)
Solanum acanthodes (cacao silvestro) (Attributes)
Solanum acaule (Attributes)
Solanum acayucense (Attributes)
Solanum accrescens (Attributes)
Solanum acerifolium (Huistomate) (Attributes)
Solanum acetosaefolium (Attributes)
Solanum acroglossum (Attributes)
Solanum acropterum (Attributes)
Solanum acroscopicum (Attributes)
Solanum actaeabotrys (Attributes)
Solanum actephilum (Attributes)
Solanum aculeastrum (mulsba tree) (Attributes)
Solanum aculeatissimum (nonorua) (Attributes)
Solanum aculeolatum (Attributes)
Solanum acuminatum (Attributes)
Solanum acutilobum (Attributes)
Solanum adelense (Attributes)
Solanum adenophorum (Attributes)
Solanum adoense (enqui enquai) (Attributes)
Solanum adscendens (Nigua;Huevos de arafia;) (Attributes)
Solanum adspersum (Attributes)
Solanum aemulans (Attributes)
Solanum aethiopicum (Mock Tomato) (Attributes)
Solanum affine (Attributes)
Solanum africanum (Attributes)
Solanum agrarium (Attributes)
Solanum agrimoniifolium (Attributes)
Solanum ahanjuiri (Attributes)
Solanum alatirameum (Attributes)
Solanum albidum (huaritar) (Attributes)
Solanum albornozii (Endangered) (Attributes)
Solanum aldabrense (Attributes)
Solanum aligerum (hediondilla del cerro) (Attributes)
Solanum allophyllum (Attributes)
Solanum aloysiifolium (Attributes)
Solanum alphonsei (Attributes)
Solanum alpinum (Attributes)
Solanum alternatopinnatum (Juan-pará) (Attributes)
Solanum altissimum (Attributes)
Solanum amblophyllum (Attributes)
Solanum amblycalyx (Attributes)
Solanum amblymerum (Attributes)
Solanum americanum (bird pepper) (Attributes)
Solanum ammophilum (Attributes)
Solanum amnicola (Attributes)
Solanum amotapense (Attributes)
Solanum amygdalifolium (Attributes)
Solanum anamatophilum (Attributes)
Solanum anceps (Attributes)
Solanum andreanum (Attributes)
Solanum anfractum (Attributes)
Solanum anguivi (Attributes)
Solanum angustialatum (Attributes)
Solanum angustifidum (Attributes)
Solanum angustifolium (Attributes)
Solanum angustum (Attributes)
Solanum anisophyllum (Attributes)
Solanum annuum (Attributes)
Solanum anoacanthum (Attributes)
Solanum anomalostemon (Attributes)
Solanum anomalum (Attributes)
Solanum apaporanum (Attributes)
Solanum aparadense (Attributes)
Solanum aphyodendron (sauco) (Attributes)
Solanum apiahyense (Attributes)
Solanum apiculatum (Attributes)
Solanum appendiculatum (Attributes)
Solanum appressum (ocuera blanca) (Attributes)
Solanum arachnidanthum (Attributes)
Solanum arboreum (Attributes)
Solanum arcanum (Tomatillo;) (Attributes)
Solanum arenarium (Attributes)
Solanum argenteum (Attributes)
Solanum argentinum (afata) (Attributes)
Solanum argopetalum (Attributes)
Solanum aridum (Attributes)
Solanum armentalis (Attributes)
Solanum armourense (Attributes)
Solanum arundo (Attributes)
Solanum ashbyae (Attributes)
Solanum asperolanatum (tacure blanco) (Attributes)
Solanum aspersum (Attributes)
Solanum asperum (Attributes)
Solanum asterophorum (Attributes)
Solanum asteropilodes (Attributes)
Solanum asymmetriphyllum (Attributes)
Solanum athenae (Attributes)
Solanum atitlanum (Attributes)
Solanum atropurpureum (Malevolence) (Attributes)
Solanum aturense (Attributes)
Solanum augustii (Attributes)
Solanum aureitomentosum (nonorua) (Attributes)
Solanum aureum (Attributes)
Solanum aviculare (Kangaroo Apple) (Attributes)
Solanum axillifolium (Attributes)
Solanum ayacuchense (Attributes)
Solanum bahamense (soapberry) (Attributes)
Solanum bahianum (Attributes)
Solanum barbeyanum (Attributes)
Solanum barbisetum (Attributes)
Solanum barbulatum (choloquillo) (Attributes)
Solanum basendopogon (Attributes)
Solanum batoides (Attributes)
Solanum bauerianum (Attributes)
Solanum beaugleholei (Attributes)
Solanum bellicosum. (Attributes)
Solanum bellum (Attributes)
Solanum benadirense (Attributes)
Solanum benderianum (Attributes)
Solanum beniense (Attributes)
Solanum bequaertii (Attributes)
Solanum berthaultii (Attributes)
Solanum betaceum (tree tomato) (Attributes)
Solanum betroka (Attributes)
Solanum bicolor (tabaquillo) (Attributes)
Solanum bistellatum (Attributes)
Solanum blanco-galdosii (Attributes)
Solanum boldoense (Attributes)
Solanum bolivianum (Attributes)
Solanum boliviense (Attributes)
Solanum bombycinum (Attributes)
Solanum bonariense (Capoeira) (Attributes)
Solanum borgmannii (Attributes)
Solanum brachyantherum (Attributes)
Solanum brevifolium (tomatillo de monte;) (Attributes)
Solanum brevipedicellatum (Attributes)
Solanum brownii (Attributes)
Solanum buddleifolium (Attributes)
Solanum buesii (Attributes)
Solanum bulbocastanum (ornamental nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum bullatum (Attributes)
Solanum bumeliifolium (Attributes)
Solanum burchellii (Attributes)
Solanum burkartii (Attributes)
Solanum caavurana (baiana) (Attributes)
Solanum cacosmum (Attributes)
Solanum caesium (Attributes)
Solanum cajamarquense (Attributes)
Solanum cajanumense (Attributes)
Solanum caldense (Attributes)
Solanum calidum (Attributes)
Solanum calileguae (Attributes)
Solanum callianthum (Attributes)
Solanum campaniforme (palotalillo) (Attributes)
Solanum campanulatum (Attributes)
Solanum campanuliflorum (Attributes)
Solanum campechiense (Tomatillo;) (Attributes)
Solanum camptostylum (Attributes)
Solanum campylacanthum (angulle) (Attributes)
Solanum cancellatum <Unverified Name>
Solanum candidum (Attributes)
Solanum canense (Attributes)
Solanum canoasense (Attributes)
Solanum cantense (Attributes)
Solanum capense (Attributes)
Solanum capillipes (Attributes)
Solanum capsiciforme (Attributes)
Solanum capsicoides (cockroach poison) (Attributes)
Solanum carautae (Attributes)
Solanum cardiophyllum (heartleaf horsenettle) (Attributes)
Solanum carduiforme (Attributes)
Solanum caricaefolium (ayac mullaca) (Attributes)
Solanum caripense (bejuco) (Attributes)
Solanum carolinense (Horse nettle) (Attributes)
Solanum cassioides (Attributes)
Solanum castaneum (Attributes)
Solanum cataphractum (Attributes)
Solanum catilliflorum (Attributes)
Solanum catombelense (Attributes)
Solanum celatum (Attributes)
Solanum celsum (Attributes)
Solanum centrale (Australian desert raisin) (Attributes)
Solanum cerasiferum (kaderabas (Arab); togolbr (Nueyr); atita) (Attributes)
Solanum cernuum (braço de mono (monkey's arm)) (Attributes)
Solanum chacoense (Attributes)
Solanum chaetophorum (Attributes)
Solanum chalmersii (Attributes)
Solanum chamaeacanthum (Attributes)
Solanum chamaepolybotryon (Attributes)
Solanum chamaesarachidium (Attributes)
Solanum cheesmaniae (Currant tomato;Tomatillo) (Attributes)
Solanum chenopodinum (Attributes)
Solanum chenopodioides (Yerva mora.) (Attributes)
Solanum chiapasense (Attributes)
Solanum chilense (Tomatillo;) (Attributes)
Solanum chilliasense (Attributes)
Solanum chimborazense (Endangered) (Attributes)
Solanum chippendalei (Attributes)
Solanum chiquidenum (Attributes)
Solanum chlamydogynum (Attributes)
Solanum chmielewskii (Attributes)
Solanum chomatophilum (Attributes)
Solanum chrysotrichum (caq i pajl) (Attributes)
Solanum cinereum (pichi pichi; "native gooseberry") (Attributes)
Solanum cinnamomeum (Mercurinho.) (Attributes)
Solanum circaeifolium (Attributes)
Solanum circinatum (Attributes)
Solanum citrinum (Attributes)
Solanum citrullifolium (Watermelon Nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum cladotrichum (Attributes)
Solanum clandestinum (Attributes)
Solanum clarkiae (Attributes)
Solanum clarum (Attributes)
Solanum clathratum (Attributes)
Solanum cleistogamum (Attributes)
Solanum clivorum (tutuluche) (Attributes)
Solanum coactiliferum (Attributes)
Solanum coagulans (Attributes)
Solanum coalitum (Attributes)
Solanum cobanense (Attributes)
Solanum cochabambense (Attributes)
Solanum cochoae (Attributes)
Solanum cocosoides (Attributes)
Solanum colombianum (Attributes)
Solanum comarapanum (Attributes)
Solanum commersonii (Commerson's nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum complectens (Attributes)
Solanum compressum (cuerana branca) (Attributes)
Solanum concarense (Attributes)
Solanum concinnum (Attributes)
Solanum confertiseriatum (Attributes)
Solanum confine (Attributes)
Solanum confusum (Attributes)
Solanum conglobatum (Attributes)
Solanum conicum (Attributes)
Solanum conocarpum (marron bacoba) (Attributes)
Solanum consimile (Attributes)
Solanum contumazaense (Attributes)
Solanum cookii (Attributes)
Solanum coquimbense (Attributes)
Solanum coracinum (Attributes)
Solanum cordatum (me-eh godleh) (Attributes)
Solanum cordifolium (Attributes)
Solanum cordioides (Attributes)
Solanum cordovense (Attributes)
Solanum coriaceum (Attributes)
Solanum corifolium (Attributes)
Solanum corneliomulleri (Tomate cimarron;) (Attributes)
Solanum cornifolium (Attributes)
Solanum corumbense (Attributes)
Solanum corymbiflorum (Attributes)
Solanum corymbosum (Attributes)
Solanum costatum (Attributes)
Solanum crassitomentosum (Attributes)
Solanum crebrispinum (Attributes)
Solanum crebrum (Attributes)
Solanum crinitipes (pungal) (Attributes)
Solanum crinitum (Attributes)
Solanum crispum (natii or natien) (Attributes)
Solanum croatii (Attributes)
Solanum crotonifolium (Attributes)
Solanum crotonoides (Attributes)
Solanum cruciferum (Attributes)
Solanum cucullatum (Attributes)
Solanum cunninghamii (Attributes)
Solanum curtilobum (Rucki) (Attributes)
Solanum cutervanum (venenoso) (Attributes)
Solanum cyaneopurpureum (Attributes)
Solanum cyclophyllum (Attributes)
Solanum cylindricum (Attributes)
Solanum cymbalariifolium (Attributes)
Solanum dallmannianum (Attributes)
Solanum damarense (Attributes)
Solanum dammerianum (Attributes)
Solanum daphnophyllum (Attributes)
Solanum darienense (Attributes)
Solanum dasyadenium (Attributes)
Solanum dasyanthum (E-mehen put balam) (Attributes)
Solanum dasyneuron (Attributes)
Solanum dasyphyllum (Attributes)
Solanum davatum <Unverified Name>
Solanum davidsei (Attributes)
Solanum davisense (Davis horsenettle) (Attributes)
Solanum decompositiflorum (Attributes)
Solanum decorum (Attributes)
Solanum defensum (Attributes)
Solanum deflexicarpum (Attributes)
Solanum deflexiflorum (Attributes)
Solanum deflexum (Attributes)
Solanum delagoense (matumbiriri (Lunyaneka)) (Attributes)
Solanum delicatulum (Attributes)
Solanum delitescens (Attributes)
Solanum demissum (papa cimarrona) (Attributes)
Solanum dendroicum (Attributes)
Solanum dennekense (Attributes)
Solanum denseaculeatum (Attributes)
Solanum densevestitum (Attributes)
Solanum depauperatum (Attributes)
Solanum diamantinense (Attributes)
Solanum dianthophorum (Attributes)
Solanum dianthum (Attributes)
Solanum dichroandrum (Attributes)
Solanum didymum (Attributes)
Solanum dimidiatum (western horsenettle) (Attributes)
Solanum dimorphandrum (Attributes)
Solanum dimorphispinum (Attributes)
Solanum dioicum (Attributes)
Solanum diphyllum (chalchupa) (Attributes)
Solanum diploconos (Attributes)
Solanum discolor (Attributes)
Solanum dissectum (Attributes)
Solanum dissimile (Attributes)
Solanum distichophyllum (Attributes)
Solanum distichum (njagi) (Attributes)
Solanum ditrichum (Attributes)
Solanum diversiflorum (Attributes)
Solanum diversifolium (Attributes)
Solanum dolichocremastrum (Attributes)
Solanum dolichorhachis (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Solanum dolichosepalum (Attributes)
Solanum dolosum (Attributes)
Solanum donianum (Kaxicuch;) (Attributes)
Solanum douglasii (Black nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum dryanderense (Attributes)
Solanum dulcamara (deadly nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum dulcamaroides (bejuco de Santo Domingo) (Attributes)
Solanum dumicola (Attributes)
Solanum dunalianum (kala-bu-ku) (Attributes)
Solanum dysprosium (Attributes)
Solanum eardleyae (Attributes)
Solanum eburneum (Attributes)
Solanum echegarayi (Attributes)
Solanum echinatum (Attributes)
Solanum edinense (papa cimarrona) (Attributes)
Solanum edmondstonii (Attributes)
Solanum ehrenbergii (Attributes)
Solanum elachophyllum (Attributes)
Solanum elaeagnifolium (silverleaf nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum elegans (Attributes)
Solanum ellipticum (Potato Bush) (Attributes)
Solanum elvasioides (Attributes)
Solanum eminens (Attributes)
Solanum endoadenium (palque) (Attributes)
Solanum endopogon (Attributes)
Solanum ensifolium (erubia) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Solanum eremophilum (Attributes)
Solanum erianthum (wild tobacco) (Attributes)
Solanum erosomarginatum (Attributes)
Solanum erosum (Attributes)
Solanum erythracanthum (Attributes)
Solanum erythrotrichum (Friegaplatos) (Attributes)
Solanum esuriale (Attributes)
Solanum etuberosum (Attributes)
Solanum euacanthum (Attributes)
Solanum evolvulifolium (Tomatillo) (Attributes)
Solanum evonymoides (Caiçara) (Attributes)
Solanum excisirhombeum (Attributes)
Solanum exiguum (Attributes)
Solanum expedunculatum (Attributes)
Solanum falconense (Attributes)
Solanum fallax (Attributes)
Solanum felinum (Attributes)
Solanum fernandezianum (Attributes)
Solanum ferocissimum (Attributes)
Solanum ferox (nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum ferrugineum (Attributes)
Solanum fervens (Attributes)
Solanum fiebrigii (Attributes)
Solanum filiforme (Attributes)
Solanum flaccidum (Attributes)
Solanum flagellare (Attributes)
Solanum flagelliferum (Attributes)
Solanum flahaultii (Attributes)
Solanum florulentum (Attributes)
Solanum foetens (Attributes)
Solanum forskalii (Me'ih Godlech (Snake tooth)) (Attributes)
Solanum forsterii (tamatha; tamada; currant) (Attributes)
Solanum fortunense (Attributes)
Solanum fosbergianum (Attributes)
Solanum fragile (Attributes)
Solanum francisii (Attributes)
Solanum fraxinifolium (Attributes)
Solanum fructu-tecto (Attributes)
Solanum fulgens (Attributes)
Solanum fulvidum (Attributes)
Solanum furcatum (Vulgo: Yerba mora) (Attributes)
Solanum furfuraceum (Attributes)
Solanum fusiforme (Attributes)
Solanum gabrielae (Attributes)
Solanum galapagense (Tomatillo;) (Attributes)
Solanum galbinum (Attributes)
Solanum garciabarrigae (Attributes)
Solanum gardnerii (Attributes)
Solanum gemellum (Attributes)
Solanum georgicum (Attributes)
Solanum gertii (Attributes)
Solanum gibbsiae (Attributes)
Solanum giganteum (Attributes)
Solanum gilesii (Attributes)
Solanum gilioides (Attributes)
Solanum glaberrimum (Attributes)
Solanum glabratum (Attributes)
Solanum glaucescens (Nombre comun: "Tomate de arriera") (Attributes)
Solanum glaucophyllum (Durasnillo blanco) (Attributes)
Solanum glutinosum (pillocsho) (Attributes)
Solanum gnaphalocarpon (Attributes)
Solanum goetzei (Attributes)
Solanum gomphodes (Attributes)
Solanum goniocaulon (choloquillo) (Attributes)
Solanum gonocladum (ñuccho hembra; ñuccho con pelo) (Attributes)
Solanum gonyrhachis (Attributes)
Solanum goodspeedii (Attributes)
Solanum gradiflorum
Solanum grandiflorum (Attributes)
Solanum graniticum (Attributes)
Solanum granuloso-leprosum (Jurubeba) (Attributes)
Solanum gratum (Attributes)
Solanum graveolens (Attributes)
Solanum grayi (Attributes)
Solanum guamense (Attributes)
Solanum guaraniticum (Attributes)
Solanum guerreroense (Attributes)
Solanum guineense (Attributes)
Solanum gundlachii (Attributes)
Solanum gympiense (Attributes)
Solanum habrocaulon (Attributes)
Solanum habrochaites (Tomatillo;) (Attributes)
Solanum hamulosum (Attributes)
Solanum hapalum (Attributes)
Solanum harmandii (Attributes)
Solanum hasslerianum (Attributes)
Solanum hastatilobum (Attributes)
Solanum hastifolium (mryonion) (Attributes)
Solanum havanense (Attributes)
Solanum hayesii (Attributes)
Solanum hazenii (Attributes)
Solanum heinianum (Attributes)
Solanum heiseri (Attributes)
Solanum heleonastes (Attributes)
Solanum herbabona (Attributes)
Solanum herculeum (moradilla) (Attributes)
Solanum hesperium (Attributes)
Solanum heteracanthum (Attributes)
Solanum heterodoxum (melonleaf nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum heteropodium (Attributes)
Solanum hexandrum (Attributes)
Solanum hibernum (Attributes)
Solanum hidetaroi (Attributes)
Solanum hieronymi (Pocote;) (Attributes)
Solanum hindsianum (Hinds' nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum hintonii (Attributes)
Solanum hirtellum (Attributes)
Solanum hirtulum (Attributes)
Solanum hirtum (Puut balam;) (Attributes)
Solanum hjertingii (Attributes)
Solanum hoehnei (Attributes)
Solanum homalospermum (Attributes)
Solanum hoplopetalum (Attributes)
Solanum horridum (Attributes)
Solanum hotteanum (Attributes)
Solanum hougasii (Attributes)
Solanum houstonii (Attributes)
Solanum hovei (chichurdi) (Attributes)
Solanum huancabambense (Attributes)
Solanum huayavillense (Attributes)
Solanum huaylasense (Tomatilla;) (Attributes)
Solanum hugonis (Endangered) (Attributes)
Solanum humblotii (Attributes)
Solanum humboldtianum (Attributes)
Solanum humectophilum (Attributes)
Solanum humile (Attributes)
Solanum hutchisonii (Attributes)
Solanum hypacrarthrum (Attributes)
Solanum hypaleurotrichum (hiesgo) (Attributes)
Solanum hypocalycosarcum (sauco blanco) (Attributes)
Solanum hyporhodium (cocona) (Attributes)
Solanum hystrix (Attributes)
Solanum iltisii (Attributes)
Solanum imamense (Attributes)
Solanum imbaburense (Attributes)
Solanum imberbe (Attributes)
Solanum immite (Attributes)
Solanum inaequilaterale (qumit (Ifugao)) (Attributes)
Solanum inaequilaterum (Attributes)
Solanum inaequiradians (Attributes)
Solanum incanoalabastrum (Attributes)
Solanum incanum (Dead Sea Apple) (Attributes)
Solanum incarceratum (Attributes)
Solanum incompletum (thorny popolo) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Solanum incomptum (Attributes)
Solanum incurvum (Attributes)
Solanum indivisum (Attributes)
Solanum inelegans (Attributes)
Solanum infundibuliforme (Attributes)
Solanum infuscatum (Attributes)
Solanum innoxium (Attributes)
Solanum inodorum (Attributes)
Solanum insidiosum (Attributes)
Solanum insulae-paschalis (Attributes)
Solanum insulae-pinorum (Attributes)
Solanum interandinum (Attributes)
Solanum intermedium (Attributes)
Solanum intonsum (Attributes)
Solanum involucratum (Attributes)
Solanum iodotrichum (Attributes)
Solanum ionidium (Attributes)
Solanum iopetalum (Papa Cimarrona;) (Attributes)
Solanum irregulare (Attributes)
Solanum ivohibe (Attributes)
Solanum jabrense (Attributes)
Solanum jamaicense (Cat's Claw) (Attributes)
Solanum jamesii (Colorado Wild Potato) (Attributes)
Solanum johnsonianum (Attributes)
Solanum johnstonii (Attributes)
Solanum jubae (Attributes)
Solanum jucundum (Attributes)
Solanum juglandifolium (Wild tomato;) (Attributes)
Solanum julocrotonoides (Attributes)
Solanum juncalense (Attributes)
Solanum jussiaei (Attributes)
Solanum juvenale (Attributes)
Solanum juzepczuckii (Attributes)
Solanum kagehense (Attributes)
Solanum karsense (Menindee Nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum keniense (Attributes)
Solanum kioniotrichum (Attributes)
Solanum kleinii (Attributes)
Solanum kurtzianum (Attributes)
Solanum kwebense (Attributes)
Solanum lacerdae (Attributes)
Solanum lachneion (Attributes)
Solanum lachnophyllum (Attributes)
Solanum laciniatum (Kangaroo Apple) (Attributes)
Solanum lacunarium (Attributes)
Solanum laevigatum (Attributes)
Solanum lamprocarpum (Attributes)
Solanum lanceifolium (lanceleaf nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum lanceolatum (Friega-Plato) (Attributes)
Solanum lanuginosum (Critically Endangered)
Solanum lanzae (Attributes)
Solanum lasiocarpum (Ma Uk Muak) (Attributes)
Solanum lasiocladum (Attributes)
Solanum lasiophyllum (Attributes)
Solanum lasiopodium (Attributes)
Solanum latens (Attributes)
Solanum latiflorum (Attributes)
Solanum laurifrons (Attributes)
Solanum laxissimum (Attributes)
Solanum laxum (manto de novia) (Attributes)
Solanum leiophyllum (Attributes)
Solanum leopoldensis (Attributes)
Solanum lepidotum (Attributes)
Solanum leptacanthum (Attributes)
Solanum leptocaulon (nanagoncayabo; informante de los nombres) (Attributes)
Solanum leptopodum (Attributes)
Solanum leptorhachis (Attributes)
Solanum leptostachys (Attributes)
Solanum lesteri (Attributes)
Solanum leucandrum (Attributes)
Solanum leucocarpon (genip) (Attributes)
Solanum leucodendron (Attributes)
Solanum leucopogon (múhas) (Attributes)
Solanum lianoides (Attributes)
Solanum lichtensteinii (nansimba (Chirungwa)) (Attributes)
Solanum lidii (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Solanum lignescens (Attributes)
Solanum limbaniense (Attributes)
Solanum limitare (Attributes)
Solanum lindenii (Attributes)
Solanum linearifolium (Mountain Kangaroo Apple) (Attributes)
Solanum linnaeanum (dead sea apple) (Attributes)
Solanum litoraneum (Attributes)
Solanum lobbianum (Attributes)
Solanum longevirgatum (Attributes)
Solanum longiconicum (Attributes)
Solanum longissimum (Attributes)
Solanum lorentzii (Attributes)
Solanum loxophyllum (Attributes)
Solanum lucani (Attributes)
Solanum lucens (Attributes)
Solanum luculentum (Attributes)
Solanum lumholtzianum (Sonoran nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum luridifuscescens (Attributes)
Solanum luteoalbum (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Solanum luzoniense (Attributes)
Solanum lycocarpum (Wolf Apple) (Attributes)
Solanum lycopersici <Unverified Name>
Solanum lycopersicoides (Tomatillo) (Attributes)
Solanum lycopersicum (Currant Tomato) (Attributes)
Solanum lyratum (Attributes)
Solanum lythrocarpum (Attributes)
Solanum macaonense (Attributes)
Solanum macbridei (Attributes)
Solanum macoorai (Attributes)
Solanum macracanthum. (Attributes)
Solanum macrocarpon (Attributes)
Solanum macrothyrsum (Attributes)
Solanum macrotonum (Attributes)
Solanum madagascariense (Attributes)
Solanum maestrense (Attributes)
Solanum maglia (Attributes)
Solanum magnifolium (Attributes)
Solanum mahoriense (Attributes)
Solanum malacothrix (Attributes)
Solanum malletii (Attributes)
Solanum malmeanum (Attributes)
Solanum mammosum (cockroach poison) (Attributes)
Solanum mankiense (Attributes)
Solanum mapiricum (Attributes)
Solanum mapiriense (Attributes)
Solanum maranguapense (Attributes)
Solanum marantifolium (Attributes)
Solanum marginatum (angulle ganta (Tigre)) (Attributes)
Solanum matadori (Attributes)
Solanum maternum (Attributes)
Solanum maturecalvans (Attributes)
Solanum mauense (Attributes)
Solanum mauritianum (earleaf nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum medians (Attributes)
Solanum megalochiton (Attributes)
Solanum megalonyx (Attributes)
Solanum melangena <Unverified Name>
Solanum melanospermum (Attributes)
Solanum melastomoides (Attributes)
Solanum melissarum (Attributes)
Solanum melongena (Baingun cultivated eggplnat) (Attributes)
Solanum memphiticum (Attributes)
Solanum mentiens (Attributes)
Solanum merrillianum (Attributes)
Solanum mesopliarthrum (Attributes)
Solanum metarsium (Attributes)
Solanum michoacanum (Attributes)
Solanum microdontum (Attributes)
Solanum microleprodes (yerba de playa) (Attributes)
Solanum microphyllum (Attributes)
Solanum minutifoliolum (Attributes)
Solanum miragoanae (Attributes)
Solanum missimense (Attributes)
Solanum mitchellianum (Attributes)
Solanum mite (Attributes)
Solanum mitlense (Attributes)
Solanum mochiquense (Attributes)
Solanum moense (Attributes)
Solanum monachophyllum (Arana Gato) (Attributes)
Solanum monadelphum (Attributes)
Solanum monanthemon (Attributes)
Solanum monarchostemon (Attributes)
Solanum monotanthum (Attributes)
Solanum montanum (Attributes)
Solanum morellifolium (Chuagkáteme) (Attributes)
Solanum morelliforme (Attributes)
Solanum morii (Attributes)
Solanum mortonii (Attributes)
Solanum moxosense (Attributes)
Solanum muansense (Attributes)
Solanum muenscheri (Attributes)
Solanum multifidum (Attributes)
Solanum multiglochidiatum (Attributes)
Solanum multispinum (Attributes)
Solanum multivenosum (Attributes)
Solanum muricatum (Pepino) (Attributes)
Solanum myosotis (Attributes)
Solanum myoxotrichum (Attributes)
Solanum myriacanthum (Tomate;) (Attributes)
Solanum myrsinoides (Attributes)
Solanum nakurense (Attributes)
Solanum narcoticosmum (Attributes)
Solanum naucinum (Attributes)
Solanum nava (Attributes)
Solanum nelsoni (Nelson's Horsenettle) (Attributes)
Solanum nematorhachis (Attributes)
Solanum nemophilum (Attributes)
Solanum nemorense (Nombre Kofán: "Ku-men-zu-fá-cho.") (Attributes)
Solanum neoanglicum (Attributes)
Solanum neorickii (Attributes)
Solanum neorossii (Attributes)
Solanum neoweberbaueri (Attributes)
Solanum nicotianum <Unverified Name>
Solanum nienkui (Attributes)
Solanum nigra <Unverified Name>
Solanum nigrescens (Attributes)
Solanum nigricans (Yerba mora;) (Attributes)
Solanum nigriviolaceum (Attributes)
Solanum nigrum (Black or Garden Nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum nitidum (ñuñomia; ñuñoa) (Attributes)
Solanum nobile (Attributes)
Solanum nolense (Attributes)
Solanum nossibeense (Attributes)
Solanum nubicola (Attributes)
Solanum nudum (Tomatillo) (Attributes)
Solanum nummularium (Attributes)
Solanum nuricum (Attributes)
Solanum nutans (Attributes)
Solanum obliquum (Attributes)
Solanum oblongifolium (chihuanto) (Attributes)
Solanum oblongum (Attributes)
Solanum obovalifolium (Attributes)
Solanum occultum (Attributes)
Solanum ochrancanthum (Attributes)
Solanum ochranthum (Cujaca) (Attributes)
Solanum ochrophyllum (Attributes)
Solanum odoriferum (Attributes)
Solanum oedipus (Attributes)
Solanum oldfieldii (Attributes)
Solanum oligacanthum (Attributes)
Solanum oligandrum (Attributes)
Solanum oliveirae (Attributes)
Solanum olmosense (Attributes)
Solanum ombrophilum (Attributes)
Solanum oocarpum (Attributes)
Solanum opacum (Attributes)
Solanum oppositifolium (Attributes)
Solanum orbiculatum (Attributes)
Solanum orthacanthum (Attributes)
Solanum ovalifolium (mujas) (Attributes)
Solanum ovum-fringillae (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Solanum oxycarpum (Attributes)
Solanum oxyphyllum (Attributes)
Solanum pabstii (Attributes)
Solanum pachimatium (Attributes)
Solanum pachyandrum (Bombonas) (Attributes)
Solanum pachyneuroides (Attributes)
Solanum pachyneurum (Valga me Dios) (Attributes)
Solanum palinacanthum (manzanita del monte) (Attributes)
Solanum palitans (Attributes)
Solanum pallidum (Attributes)
Solanum palmeri (Attributes)
Solanum palmillae (Attributes)
Solanum paludosum (Attributes)
Solanum palustre (Attributes)
Solanum pampaninii (Attributes)
Solanum pancheri (Attributes)
Solanum panduriforme (Attributes)
Solanum paniculatum (Jurubeba) (Attributes)
Solanum papaverifolium (Attributes)
Solanum paposanum (Attributes)
Solanum papuanum (Attributes)
Solanum paraibanum (naõ-me-toques) (Attributes)
Solanum paralum (Endangered) (Attributes)
Solanum paranense (Attributes)
Solanum parishii (Parish's nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum parvifolium (Attributes)
Solanum pastillum (Attributes)
Solanum paucisectum (Attributes)
Solanum pauperum (Attributes)
Solanum pectinatum (Attributes)
Solanum pedemontanum (gatadacame (Huaorani)) (Attributes)
Solanum pedersenii (Attributes)
Solanum peekelii (Attributes)
Solanum peikuoense (Attributes)
Solanum pelagicum (Attributes)
Solanum pendulum (Papaya del monte;) (Attributes)
Solanum pennellii (Tomatillo;) (Attributes)
Solanum pentaphyllum (Attributes)
Solanum pereirae (Attributes)
Solanum perlongistylum (Attributes)
Solanum pertenue (Attributes)
Solanum peruvianum (Tomatillo;) (Attributes)
Solanum petraeum (Attributes)
Solanum petrophilum (pichi pichi) (Attributes)
Solanum phaseoloides (Attributes)
Solanum phlomoides (Attributes)
Solanum physalifolium (Hairy Nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum pilcomayense (Attributes)
Solanum pillahuatense (Attributes)
Solanum piluliferum (Attributes)
Solanum pimpinellifolium (Tomate cimarron;) (Attributes)
Solanum pinetorum (Attributes)
Solanum pinnatisectum (tansyleaf nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum pinnatum (hierba de chabalongo) (Attributes)
Solanum piperiferum (Attributes)
Solanum pittosporifolium (Attributes)
Solanum piurae (Attributes)
Solanum placitum (Attributes)
Solanum platacanthum (Attributes)
Solanum platense (Attributes)
Solanum platycypellon (Attributes)
Solanum plicatile (Attributes)
Solanum plowmanii (Attributes)
Solanum plumense (Attributes)
Solanum pluviale (Attributes)
Solanum poinsettiifolium (Attributes)
Solanum polyacanthon (Doncella) (Attributes)
Solanum polyadenium (Attributes)
Solanum polygamum (cakalaka berry) (Attributes)
Solanum polytrichum (Attributes)
Solanum praetermissum (Attributes)
Solanum premnifolium (Attributes)
Solanum prinophyllum (Forest Nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum procurrens (Attributes)
Solanum proteanthum (Attributes)
Solanum pseuderanthemoides (Attributes)
Solanum pseudoauriculatum (Attributes)
Solanum pseudocapsicum (madeira winter cherry) (Attributes)
Solanum pseudodaphnopsis (canema-mirim; caneminha; canema do brejo) (Attributes)
Solanum pseudolulo (Attributes)
Solanum pseudoquina (canema) (Attributes)
Solanum psychotrioides (Attributes)
Solanum ptychanthum (eastern black nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum pubescens (Attributes)
Solanum pubigerum (Tomatillo) (Attributes)
Solanum pugiunculiferum (Attributes)
Solanum pulverulentifolium (Attributes)
Solanum pumilum (Carolina horsenettle) (Attributes)
Solanum punctulatum (Attributes)
Solanum pungetium (Attributes)
Solanum pusillum (Attributes)
Solanum pycnanthemum (Attributes)
Solanum pygmaeum (Attributes)
Solanum pyracanthon (Porcupine Tomato) (Attributes)
Solanum pyrifolium (pear-leaf nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum quadriloculatum (bush tomato) (Attributes)
Solanum quaesitum (Attributes)
Solanum quebradense (Attributes)
Solanum quitoense (Attributes)
Solanum radicans (cusmayllo) (Attributes)
Solanum ramonense (Attributes)
Solanum ramulosum (Attributes)
Solanum raquialatum (Attributes)
Solanum reductum (Attributes)
Solanum reflexiflorum (Attributes)
Solanum refractifolium (Attributes)
Solanum refractum (sitún) (Attributes)
Solanum reineckii (Attributes)
Solanum reitzii (peloteira) (Attributes)
Solanum remyanum (Attributes)
Solanum repandum (Attributes)
Solanum reptans (Attributes)
Solanum restingae (Attributes)
Solanum retroflexum (Sunberry) (Attributes)
Solanum retrorsum (Attributes)
Solanum rhytidoandrum (Attributes)
Solanum richardii (Attributes)
Solanum rigidum (Attributes)
Solanum riojense (Attributes)
Solanum riparium (chamico de árbol; chamico grande) (Attributes)
Solanum ripense (Attributes)
Solanum rivicola (Attributes)
Solanum rixosum (Attributes)
Solanum robinsonii (Attributes)
Solanum roblense (zorillo hoja mediana) (Attributes)
Solanum robustifrons (Attributes)
Solanum robustum (Shrubby Nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum rojasianum (Huevo de gato;) (Attributes)
Solanum roseum (tinetzqui) (Attributes)
Solanum rostratum (buffalo bur) (Attributes)
Solanum rovirosanum (Attributes)
Solanum rubetorum (Attributes)
Solanum rubiginosum (Attributes)
Solanum rudepannum (berengena) (Attributes)
Solanum rufescens (Attributes)
Solanum rugosum (cucuna) (Attributes)
Solanum ruizii (Attributes)
Solanum runsoriense (Attributes)
Solanum rupincola (Attributes)
Solanum sagittantherum (Attributes)
Solanum salamancae (Attributes)
Solanum salasianum (Attributes)
Solanum salicifolium (Attributes)
Solanum sambiranense (Attributes)
Solanum sambucinum (Attributes)
Solanum sanchez-vegae (Attributes)
Solanum sanctaecatharinae (Tomatillo) (Attributes)
Solanum sandwicense (Hawai'i horsenettle) (Attributes)
Solanum santiwongsei <Unverified Name>
Solanum santosii (Attributes)
Solanum saponaceum (Attributes)
Solanum sarrachoides (Hairy Nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum saruwagedensis (Attributes)
Solanum saturatum (Attributes)
Solanum savanillense (Attributes)
Solanum scabrifolium (Attributes)
Solanum scabrum (Garden Huckleberry) (Attributes)
Solanum schefferi (Attributes)
Solanum schenckii (Attributes)
Solanum schimperianum (agol) (Attributes)
Solanum schlechtendalianum (Attributes)
Solanum schliebenii (Attributes)
Solanum schomburghii (Attributes)
Solanum schulzianum (Attributes)
Solanum schumannianum (Attributes)
Solanum schwackei (Attributes)
Solanum sciadostylis (Attributes)
Solanum scuticum (Jurubeba) (Attributes)
Solanum seaforthianum (paraiso) (Invasive) (Attributes)
Solanum selachophyllum (Attributes)
Solanum selleanum (Attributes)
Solanum sellovianum (Attributes)
Solanum sellowii (Attributes)
Solanum semiarmatum (Attributes)
Solanum semotum (Attributes)
Solanum sendtnerianum (Attributes)
Solanum senticosum (Attributes)
Solanum septemlobum (Qing Qi.) (Attributes)
Solanum seretii (Attributes)
Solanum serpens (Attributes)
Solanum sessile (mun sauk) (Attributes)
Solanum sessiliflorum (Naranjilla.) (Attributes)
Solanum setaceum (Attributes)
Solanum setosissimum (Attributes)
Solanum shirleyanum (Attributes)
Solanum sibundoyense (Attributes)
Solanum sieberi (Attributes)
Solanum silvestre (Attributes)
Solanum simile (Oondoroo) (Attributes)
Solanum simplicissimum (Attributes)
Solanum sinaicum (Attributes)
Solanum sinuatiexcisum (Attributes)
Solanum sinuatirecurvum (Attributes)
Solanum siphonobasis (Attributes)
Solanum sisymbriifolium (Sticky Nightshade) (Invasive) (Attributes)
Solanum sitiens (Tomatillo;) (Attributes)
Solanum skutchii (Attributes)
Solanum smithii (Attributes)
Solanum sodiroi (Endangered) (Attributes)
Solanum sodomaeodes (Attributes)
Solanum sodomaeum <Unverified Name>
Solanum sogarandinum (Attributes)
Solanum somalense (Attributes)
Solanum sooretamum (Attributes)
Solanum sousanum (Attributes)
Solanum spegazzinii (Attributes)
Solanum spirale (Pak Dit) (Attributes)
Solanum spissifolium (Attributes)
Solanum sporadotrichum (Attributes)
Solanum stagnale (Attributes)
Solanum stellatiglandulosum (Leiva (Llanos)) (Attributes)
Solanum stellativelutinum (Attributes)
Solanum stellativillosum (Attributes)
Solanum stelligerum (Attributes)
Solanum stenandrum (Attributes)
Solanum stenophyllidium (Attributes)
Solanum stenophyllum (Pugyan) (Attributes)
Solanum stenopterum (Attributes)
Solanum steyermarkii (Attributes)
Solanum stipitatostellatum (Attributes)
Solanum stipulaceum (Madureço de banana) (Attributes)
Solanum stipulatum (Attributes)
Solanum stoloniferum (tigna potato) (Attributes)
Solanum storkii (Attributes)
Solanum stramoniifolium (fruits 'buru-buru') (Attributes)
Solanum stuckertii (Attributes)
Solanum stupefactum (Attributes)
Solanum sturtianum (Attributes)
Solanum styraciflorum (Attributes)
Solanum suaveolens (Attributes)
Solanum subinerme (Attributes)
Solanum sublentum (Attributes)
Solanum subserratum (Attributes)
Solanum subsylvestre (Attributes)
Solanum subumbellatum (Attributes)
Solanum subvelutinum (Attributes)
Solanum sumacaspi (Attributes)
Solanum superbum (Attributes)
Solanum supinum (Attributes)
Solanum surratense <Unverified Name>
Solanum swartzianum (Barbaso) (Attributes)
Solanum sycocarpum (Endangered) (Attributes)
Solanum sycophanta (cujaco) (Attributes)
Solanum symmetricum (Palo Blanco) (Attributes)
Solanum symonii (Attributes)
Solanum tabacicolor (Attributes)
Solanum tabanoense (Attributes)
Solanum tacanense (Attributes)
Solanum taeniotrichum (Attributes)
Solanum taitense (Attributes)
Solanum talarense (Attributes)
Solanum tampicense (Huevo de gato) (Invasive) (Attributes)
Solanum tanysepalum (Attributes)
Solanum tarderemotum (mnavu) (Attributes)
Solanum tarnii (Attributes)
Solanum tegore (Attributes)
Solanum tenuiflagellatum (Attributes)
Solanum tenuihamatum (Attributes)
Solanum tenuipes (fancy nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum tenuisetosum (Chupo sacha macho) (Attributes)
Solanum tenuispinum (Attributes)
Solanum tenuissimum (Attributes)
Solanum tepuiense (Attributes)
Solanum terminale (Attributes)
Solanum ternatum (Attributes)
Solanum terraneum (Attributes)
Solanum tetramerum (Attributes)
Solanum tetrandrum (Attributes)
Solanum tetrathecum (Attributes)
Solanum tettense (Attributes)
Solanum thelopodium (Attributes)
Solanum thomasiifolium (Attributes)
Solanum thorelii (Attributes)
Solanum tobagense (Attributes)
Solanum toldense (Attributes)
Solanum toliaraea (Attributes)
Solanum tomentosum (Attributes)
Solanum torreanum (Attributes)
Solanum torricellense (Attributes)
Solanum torvoideum (bokul (Bukid)) (Attributes)
Solanum torvum (Turkey Berry) (Invasive) (Attributes)
Solanum tovarii (Attributes)
Solanum trachycarpum (Attributes)
Solanum trachycyphum (Attributes)
Solanum trachytrichium (Attributes)
Solanum tredecimgranum (Attributes)
Solanum trepidans (Attributes)
Solanum tribulosum (Attributes)
Solanum trichoneuron (Attributes)
Solanum trichopetiolatum (Attributes)
Solanum trichostylum (Attributes)
Solanum tricuspidatum (Attributes)
Solanum trifidum (Attributes)
Solanum triflorum (Cutleaf Nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum trifolium (Attributes)
Solanum trilobatum (Attributes)
Solanum trinitense (Attributes)
Solanum trinominum (Attributes)
Solanum tripartitum (Attributes)
Solanum triplinervium (Attributes)
Solanum triquetrum (Texas nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum trisectum (Attributes)
Solanum triste (Attributes)
Solanum trizygum (Attributes)
Solanum troyanum (Attributes)
Solanum truncatum (Attributes)
Solanum truncicolum (Attributes)
Solanum tuberosum (Irish potato) (Attributes)
Solanum tudununggae (Attributes)
Solanum tuerckheimii (Attributes)
Solanum tumulicola (Attributes)
Solanum tunariense (Attributes)
Solanum turgidum (Attributes)
Solanum turneroides (Attributes)
Solanum turraeaefolium (Attributes)
Solanum tweedianum (Attributes)
Solanum uleanum (Attributes)
Solanum ultimum (Attributes)
Solanum umbellatum (ukuch) (Attributes)
Solanum umbelliferum (blue witch nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum umbratile (Attributes)
Solanum uncinellum (coconilla con espina) (Attributes)
Solanum undatum (Attributes)
Solanum unifoliatum (Attributes)
Solanum unilobum (Attributes)
Solanum urens (Attributes)
Solanum urosepalum (Attributes)
Solanum ursinum (Attributes)
Solanum usambarense (Attributes)
Solanum usaramense (Attributes)
Solanum vacciniiflorum (Attributes)
Solanum vaccinioides (Attributes)
Solanum vaillantii (João bravo) (Attributes)
Solanum valdiviense (Papa) (Attributes)
Solanum valerianum (Attributes)
Solanum validinervium (Attributes)
Solanum vallis-mexici (Attributes)
Solanum vansittartense (Attributes)
Solanum variabile (Attributes)
Solanum veinlandii <Unverified Name>
Solanum velleum (Attributes)
Solanum vellozianum (Attributes)
Solanum velutinum (Attributes)
Solanum velutissimum (Attributes)
Solanum venosum (Pululu) (Attributes)
Solanum venturii (Attributes)
Solanum verecundum (Attributes)
Solanum vernei (Attributes)
Solanum verrucosum (Attributes)
Solanum versicolor (Attributes)
Solanum vescum (Green Kangaroo Apple) (Attributes)
Solanum vespertilio (realgarera) (Attributes)
Solanum vestissimum (Attributes)
Solanum viarum (João bravo) (Invasive) (Attributes)
Solanum vicinum (Attributes)
Solanum viirsooi (Attributes)
Solanum villosum (modalicou) (Attributes)
Solanum violaceimarmoratum (Attributes)
Solanum violaceum (Attributes)
Solanum virginianum (Surattense nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum viride (green nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum viridifolium (Attributes)
Solanum viscosissimum (Attributes)
Solanum volubile (Attributes)
Solanum wackettii (Attributes)
Solanum wallacei (Wallace's nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum warmingii (Attributes)
Solanum welwitschii (Attributes)
Solanum wendlandii (Attributes)
Solanum whalenii (Attributes)
Solanum wightii (Attributes)
Solanum wittei (Attributes)
Solanum woodburyi (Woodbury's nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum wrightii (arbol de papa) (Attributes)
Solanum xanthocarpus <Unverified Name>
Solanum xanthophaeum (Attributes)
Solanum xanti (Purple Nightshade) (Attributes)
Solanum yanamonense (Attributes)
Solanum yirrkalense (Attributes)
Solanum youngii (choloquillo) (Attributes)
Solanum zanzibarense (Attributes)


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