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Stegastes (Damselfish)

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Stegastes is a genus of ray-finned fish in the family Pomacentridae. Members of this genus are marine coastal fishes except for S. otophorus, which also occurs in brackish water. These fish are known by the names of damselfish, gregory and major. They are small tropical fish associated with coral and rocky reefs in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans.
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Stegastes acapulcoensis (Acapulco major)
Stegastes adustus (Dusky damselfish)
Stegastes albifasciatus (White-bar gregory)
Stegastes altus (Japanese gregory)
Stegastes apicalis (orangetipped damselfish)
Stegastes arcifrons (Island major)
Stegastes aureus (Golden gregory)
Stegastes baldwini (Baldwin's major)
Stegastes beebei (Southern whitetail major)
Stegastes diencaeus (Longfin damselfish)
Stegastes emeryi (Emery's gregory)
Stegastes fasciolatus (Yellow-eye damsel)
Stegastes flavilatus (Beaubrummel gregory)
Stegastes fuscus (dusky damselfish)
Stegastes gascoynei (Gold-belly gregory)
Stegastes imbricatus (Cape Verde gregory)
Stegastes insularis (Island gregory)
Stegastes leucorus (Whitetail major)
Stegastes leucostictus (Yellow-belly)
Stegastes limbatus (Ebony gregory)
Stegastes lividus (Farmerfish)
Stegastes lubbocki
Stegastes nigricans (dusky damselfish)
Stegastes obreptus (Western gregory)
Stegastes otophorus (Freshwater gregory)
Stegastes partitus (Bicolor damselfish)
Stegastes pelicieri (Mauritian gregory)
Stegastes pictus (Yellowtip damselfish)
Stegastes planifrons (Yellow damselfish)
Stegastes punctatus (Farmerfish)
Stegastes rectifraenum (brown damselfish)
Stegastes redemptus (Clarion major)
Stegastes rocasensis (Rocas gregory)
Stegastes sanctaehelenae (St Helen's gregory)
Stegastes sanctipauli (Saint Paul's gregory)
Stegastes uenfi
Stegastes variabilis (Yellow demoiselle)
Stegastes xanthurus (Cocoa damselfish)


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