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Tetraponera (Ant)

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Tetraponera, is a genus of ants, commonly slender ants, in the family Formicidae, and are characterised by their arboreal nature and slender bodies. The 86 described species of Tetraponera all live in hollow structures of plants and trees, such as thorns or branches; these hosts are known as myrmecophytes. Tetraponera species are closely related to the New World genus of ants Pseudomyrmex, but differ in their relationships with host plants.
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Tetraponera aethiops
Tetraponera aitkenii
Tetraponera allaborans
Tetraponera ambigua
Tetraponera andrei
Tetraponera angusta
Tetraponera angustata
Tetraponera anthracina
Tetraponera arrogans
Tetraponera atra
Tetraponera attenuata
Tetraponera bidentata
Tetraponera bifoveolata
Tetraponera binghami
Tetraponera birmana
Tetraponera braunsi
Tetraponera brevicornis
Tetraponera capensis
Tetraponera carbonaria
Tetraponera claveaui
Tetraponera clypeata
Tetraponera demens
Tetraponera dentifera
Tetraponera diana
Tetraponera difficilis
Tetraponera dilatata
Tetraponera emacerata
Tetraponera emeryi
Tetraponera encephala
Tetraponera erythraea
Tetraponera exasciata
Tetraponera fictrix
Tetraponera flexuosa
Tetraponera fulva
Tetraponera gerdae
Tetraponera grandidieri
Tetraponera humerosa
Tetraponera hysterica
Tetraponera klebsi
Tetraponera lacrimarum
Tetraponera laeviceps
Tetraponera latifrons
Tetraponera ledouxi
Tetraponera lemoulti
Tetraponera liengmei
Tetraponera maffini
Tetraponera mandibularis
Tetraponera mayri
Tetraponera microcarpa
Tetraponera minuta
Tetraponera mocquerysi
Tetraponera modesta
Tetraponera monardi
Tetraponera morondaviensis
Tetraponera nasuta
Tetraponera natalensis
Tetraponera nicobarensis
Tetraponera nigra
Tetraponera nitens
Tetraponera nitida
Tetraponera ocellata
Tetraponera oligocenica
Tetraponera ophthalmica
Tetraponera penzigi
Tetraponera perlonga
Tetraponera petiolata
Tetraponera pilosa
Tetraponera platynota
Tetraponera plicatidens
Tetraponera poultoni
Tetraponera prelli
Tetraponera punctulata
Tetraponera rakotonis
Tetraponera rufipes
Tetraponera rufonigra
Tetraponera sahlbergii
Tetraponera schulthessi
Tetraponera scotti
Tetraponera siggi
Tetraponera simplex
Tetraponera stipitum
Tetraponera tessmanni
Tetraponera thagatensis
Tetraponera triangularis
Tetraponera zavattarii


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