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The Callitrichidae (also called Arctopitheci or Hapalidae) are a family of New World monkeys, including marmosets and tamarins. At times, this group of animals has been regarded as a subfamily, called Callitrichinae, of the family Cebidae. This taxon was traditionally thought to be a primitive lineage, from which all the larger-bodied platyrrhines evolved. However, some works argue that callitrichids are actually a dwarfed lineage.
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Callimico (Goeldi's marmoset) (1)
Callithrix (short-tusked marmosets, titis, and true marmosets) (6)   (1)
Cebuella (1)
Leontocebus (10)
Leontopithecus (lion marmosets and lion tamarins) (4)   (4)
Mico (14)
Saguinus (tamarins) (12)   (3)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count


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