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Daemonorops is a genus of rattan palms in the family Arecaceae found primarily in the tropics and subtropics of southeastern Asia with a few species extending into southern China and the Himalayas.The stems of the Daemonorops are harvest for their cores, which is used for everything from canes to furniture. The fruits of certain species, in particular Daemonorops draco, produce a red resin known as "Dragon's blood".
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Daemonorops acamptostachys
Daemonorops acehensis
Daemonorops affinis
Daemonorops angustifolia
Daemonorops aruensis
Daemonorops asteracantha
Daemonorops atra (Attributes)
Daemonorops aurea
Daemonorops banggiensis
Daemonorops beguinii
Daemonorops binnendijkii
Daemonorops brachystachys
Daemonorops brevicaulis
Daemonorops calapparia
Daemonorops calicarpa
Daemonorops clemensiana
Daemonorops collarifera
Daemonorops confusa
Daemonorops crinita
Daemonorops cristata (Attributes)
Daemonorops curranii
Daemonorops depressiuscula
Daemonorops didymophylla
Daemonorops draco
Daemonorops dracunculus
Daemonorops dransfieldii
Daemonorops elongata
Daemonorops fissa
Daemonorops fissilis
Daemonorops forbesii
Daemonorops formicaria
Daemonorops geniculata
Daemonorops gracilipes
Daemonorops gracilis
Daemonorops grandis
Daemonorops hirsuta
Daemonorops horrida
Daemonorops ingens
Daemonorops jenkinsiana (Attributes)
Daemonorops korthalsii
Daemonorops kunstleri
Daemonorops kurziana
Daemonorops lamprolepis
Daemonorops leptopus
Daemonorops lewisiana
Daemonorops lewisianus <Unverified Name>
Daemonorops loheriana
Daemonorops longipes (Attributes)
Daemonorops longispatha
Daemonorops longispinosa
Daemonorops longistipes
Daemonorops macrophylla
Daemonorops macroptera
Daemonorops maculata (Attributes)
Daemonorops manii
Daemonorops megalocarpa
Daemonorops melanochaetes (Attributes)
Daemonorops micracantha
Daemonorops microcarpa
Daemonorops microstachys (Attributes)
Daemonorops mirabilis
Daemonorops mogeana
Daemonorops mollis (Attributes)
Daemonorops mollispina
Daemonorops monticola
Daemonorops nigra
Daemonorops nuichuaensis
Daemonorops oblata
Daemonorops oblonga
Daemonorops ochrolepis
Daemonorops ocreata
Daemonorops oligolepis
Daemonorops oligophylla
Daemonorops oxycarpa
Daemonorops pachyrostris
Daemonorops palembanica
Daemonorops pannosa
Daemonorops pedicellaris
Daemonorops periacantha
Daemonorops plagiocycla
Daemonorops poilanei
Daemonorops polita
Daemonorops pumila
Daemonorops rarispinosa
Daemonorops riedeliana
Daemonorops robusta
Daemonorops rubra
Daemonorops ruptilis
Daemonorops sabut (Attributes)
Daemonorops sarasinorum
Daemonorops scapigera
Daemonorops schlechteri
Daemonorops sekundurensis
Daemonorops sepal
Daemonorops serpentina
Daemonorops siberutensis
Daemonorops singalana
Daemonorops sparsiflora
Daemonorops spectabilis
Daemonorops stenophylla
Daemonorops takanensis
Daemonorops treubiana
Daemonorops trichroa
Daemonorops unijuga
Daemonorops urdanetana
Daemonorops uschdraweitiana
Daemonorops verticillaris (Attributes)
Daemonorops wrightmyoensis


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