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See Salmo, British Columbia, for the Canadian village of the same name.Salmo is a genus of fish in the salmon family Salmonidae that includes the familiar species Salmo salar and Salmo trutta. The natural distribution of the genus is chiefly European. Only the range of the Atlantic salmon extends to northern North America. The salmon and trout of the Pacific basin belong to another genus, Oncorhynchus. The generic name Salmo derives from the Latin salmō (salmon).
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Salmo abanticus
Salmo akairos
Salmo aphelios (Salmon)
Salmo balcanicus (Salmon)
Salmo carpio (Salmon) (Critically Endangered)
Salmo caspius (Sea trout) (Attributes)
Salmo cenerinus (Northern Italian brook trout)
Salmo cettii (Salmon)
Salmo chilo
Salmo ciscaucasicus
Salmo coruhensis
Salmo dentex (Salmon)
Salmo euphrataeus
Salmo ezenami (Salmon) (Critically Endangered)
Salmo farioides
Salmo ferox (Salmon)
Salmo fibreni (Salmon)
Salmo ischchan (Salmon)
Salmo kottelati
Salmo labecula
Salmo labrax (Salmon) (Attributes)
Salmo letnica (Salmon)
Salmo lourosensis
Salmo lumi (Salmon)
Salmo macedonicus (Salmon)
Salmo macrostigma (Salmon) (Attributes)
Salmo marmoratus (Salmon) (Attributes)
Salmo montenigrinus (Montenegro trout)
Salmo multipunctata (Draa trout)
Salmo nigripinnis (Salmon)
Salmo obtusirostris (Adriatic trout) (Endangered)
Salmo ohridanus
Salmo okumusi
Salmo opimus
Salmo pallaryi (Salmon)
Salmo pelagonicus (Salmon)
Salmo peristericus (Salmon) (Endangered)
Salmo platycephalus (ala trout) (Critically Endangered)
Salmo rhodanensis (Salmon)
Salmo rizeensis
Salmo salar (Atlantic salmon) (Invasive) (Attributes)
Salmo schiefermuelleri (Salmon)
Salmo stomachicus (Salmon)
Salmo taleri (Salmon)
Salmo tigridis
Salmo trutta (Brown trout) (Invasive) (Attributes)
Salmo visovacensis (Salmon)
Salmo zrmanjaensis (Salmon)

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