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Leporinus is a genus of Anostomid fish. Seven species have been recently separated in Hypomasticus, but Leporinus is still paraphyletic and needs to be split up further. The fossil species Leporinus scalabrinii Ameghino, 1898, known from the late Miocene of Entre RĂ­os, Argentina, has only recently been added to this genus after being misidentified as a species of primate under the name Arrhinolemur scalabrinii for over 100 years.
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Leporinus acutidens
Leporinus affinis (Manybanded leporinus)
Leporinus agassizii
Leporinus alternus
Leporinus amae
Leporinus amazonicus
Leporinus amblyrhynchus
Leporinus apollo
Leporinus arcus (Lipstick leporinus)
Leporinus arimaspi
Leporinus aripuanaensis
Leporinus badueli
Leporinus bahiensis
Leporinus bimaculatus
Leporinus bistriatus
Leporinus bleheri
Leporinus boehlkei
Leporinus brinco
Leporinus britskii
Leporinus brunneus
Leporinus conirostris
Leporinus copelandii
Leporinus cylindriformis
Leporinus desmotes (Black-and-yellow leporinus)
Leporinus ecuadorensis (Leporinus)
Leporinus elongatus (Attributes)
Leporinus falcipinnis
Leporinus fasciatus (Characin)
Leporinus friderici (Frederici's leporinus) (Attributes)
Leporinus geminis
Leporinus gomesi
Leporinus gossei (Leporinus)
Leporinus granti (Grant's leporinus)
Leporinus guttatus
Leporinus holostictus
Leporinus jamesi
Leporinus jatuncochi
Leporinus klausewitzi
Leporinus lacustris
Leporinus lebaili (Leporinus)
Leporinus leschenaulti
Leporinus macrocephalus
Leporinus maculatus (Spotted leporinus)
Leporinus marcgravii
Leporinus melanopleura (Spottail leporinus)
Leporinus melanopleurodes
Leporinus melanostictus (Silver leporinus)
Leporinus microphthalmus
Leporinus moralesi
Leporinus multifasciatus (Multi-banded leporinus)
Leporinus muyscorum (Leporinus)
Leporinus nattereri
Leporinus niceforoi
Leporinus nigrotaeniatus (Halfline leporinus)
Leporinus nijsseni (Leporinus)
Leporinus obtusidens (Characin) (Attributes)
Leporinus octofasciatus (Eightbanded leporinus) (Attributes)
Leporinus octomaculatus
Leporinus ortomaculatus
Leporinus pachyurus
Leporinus parae
Leporinus paralternus
Leporinus paranensis
Leporinus parvulus
Leporinus pearsoni (Leporinus)
Leporinus pellegrinii (Belted leporinus)
Leporinus piau
Leporinus piavussu
Leporinus pitingai
Leporinus platycephalus
Leporinus punctatus
Leporinus reinhardti
Leporinus reticulatus
Leporinus santosi
Leporinus sexstriatus
Leporinus spilopleura
Leporinus steindachneri
Leporinus steyermarki
Leporinus striatus (Striped leporinus) (Attributes)
Leporinus subniger
Leporinus taeniatus
Leporinus taeniofasciatus
Leporinus tigrinus
Leporinus trifasciatus (Leporinus)
Leporinus trimaculatus
Leporinus uatumaensis
Leporinus unitaeniatus
Leporinus vanzoi
Leporinus venerei
Leporinus wolfei
Leporinus y-ophorus

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