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Rhynchosia (Snoutbean)

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Rhynchosia (Snoutbean) is a genus of plants in the Fabaceae family. There are several different complexes within the genus, including the Senna complex.
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Rhynchosia acuminatifolia
Rhynchosia acuminatissima
Rhynchosia acuminatissma
Rhynchosia acutissima
Rhynchosia adenodes
Rhynchosia affinis
Rhynchosia albae-pauli
Rhynchosia albissima (Attributes)
Rhynchosia alluaudii
Rhynchosia amabilis
Rhynchosia ambacensis
Rhynchosia americana (American snoutbean) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia androyensis
Rhynchosia angulosa
Rhynchosia angustifolia
Rhynchosia arenicola
Rhynchosia argentea
Rhynchosia arida
Rhynchosia aurea
Rhynchosia avensis
Rhynchosia axilliflora
Rhynchosia bakeri
Rhynchosia balansae
Rhynchosia barbertonensis
Rhynchosia baukea
Rhynchosia baumii
Rhynchosia beddomei
Rhynchosia biballensis
Rhynchosia bracteata
Rhynchosia braunii
Rhynchosia brunnea
Rhynchosia buchananii (Attributes)
Rhynchosia buettneri
Rhynchosia bullata
Rhynchosia burkartii
Rhynchosia burkei
Rhynchosia caaguazuensis
Rhynchosia calcicola
Rhynchosia calobotrya
Rhynchosia calvescens
Rhynchosia calycina
Rhynchosia calycosa
Rhynchosia cana
Rhynchosia candida
Rhynchosia capensis
Rhynchosia capitata (Attributes)
Rhynchosia caribaea (Caribbean snoutbean) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia castroi (Attributes)
Rhynchosia chapelieri
Rhynchosia chevalieri
Rhynchosia chimanimaniensis <Unverified Name> (Endangered)
Rhynchosia chinensis
Rhynchosia chrysantha
Rhynchosia chrysoscias
Rhynchosia ciliata
Rhynchosia cinerea (brownhair snoutbean) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia clausseni
Rhynchosia cliffordii
Rhynchosia clivorum (Attributes)
Rhynchosia confusa
Rhynchosia congensis
Rhynchosia connata
Rhynchosia cooperi
Rhynchosia corylifolia
Rhynchosia courtallensis
Rhynchosia crassifolia
Rhynchosia crispa
Rhynchosia cytisoides (royal snoutbean) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia dekindtii
Rhynchosia densiflora (Attributes)
Rhynchosia dielsii
Rhynchosia dieterlenae
Rhynchosia difformis (doubleform snoutbean) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia discolor
Rhynchosia distans
Rhynchosia divaricata
Rhynchosia diversifolia (Attributes)
Rhynchosia edulis (Chihuahuan snoutbean) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia elegans (Attributes)
Rhynchosia emarginata
Rhynchosia erecta
Rhynchosia erlangeri
Rhynchosia erythraeae
Rhynchosia erythrinoides
Rhynchosia exellii
Rhynchosia falconeri
Rhynchosia ferruginea
Rhynchosia ferulifolia
Rhynchosia filipes
Rhynchosia fischeri
Rhynchosia flava
Rhynchosia fleckii (Attributes)
Rhynchosia foliosa
Rhynchosia galpinii
Rhynchosia gandensis
Rhynchosia gansole
Rhynchosia genistoides (Attributes)
Rhynchosia goetzei (Attributes)
Rhynchosia gossweileri
Rhynchosia grandiflora
Rhynchosia hainesiana
Rhynchosia harae
Rhynchosia harmsiana
Rhynchosia harveyi
Rhynchosia hauthalii
Rhynchosia heterophylla (Attributes)
Rhynchosia heynei
Rhynchosia himalensis
Rhynchosia hirsuta
Rhynchosia hirta
Rhynchosia holosericea (Attributes)
Rhynchosia holstii (Attributes)
Rhynchosia holtzii
Rhynchosia huillensis
Rhynchosia insignis (Attributes)
Rhynchosia jacobii
Rhynchosia jacottetii
Rhynchosia kilimandscharica
Rhynchosia komatiensis
Rhynchosia kunmingensis
Rhynchosia laetissima
Rhynchosia lateritia
Rhynchosia latifolia (prairie snoutbean) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia leandrii
Rhynchosia ledermannii (Critically Endangered)
Rhynchosia leucophylla
Rhynchosia leucoscias
Rhynchosia lineata
Rhynchosia longeracemosa
Rhynchosia longiflora
Rhynchosia longipetiolata
Rhynchosia longissima
Rhynchosia lukafuensis
Rhynchosia lutea
Rhynchosia luteola (Attributes)
Rhynchosia macrantha
Rhynchosia macrocarpa
Rhynchosia madagascariensis
Rhynchosia malacophylla (Attributes)
Rhynchosia malacotricha
Rhynchosia mannii
Rhynchosia mantaroensis
Rhynchosia marcanii
Rhynchosia meeboldii
Rhynchosia megalocalyx
Rhynchosia melanocarpa
Rhynchosia mensensis
Rhynchosia michauxii (Michaux's snoutbean) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia micrantha (Attributes)
Rhynchosia microscias
Rhynchosia minima (Horse Rub Down) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia mollis
Rhynchosia monophylla (Attributes)
Rhynchosia monticola
Rhynchosia naineckensis
Rhynchosia namaensis
Rhynchosia nelsonii (Attributes)
Rhynchosia nepalensis
Rhynchosia nervosa (Attributes)
Rhynchosia nipensis
Rhynchosia nitens
Rhynchosia nitida
Rhynchosia nummularia
Rhynchosia nyasica (Attributes)
Rhynchosia nyikensis (Attributes)
Rhynchosia oblatifoliolata
Rhynchosia oblongifoliolata
Rhynchosia orthobotrya
Rhynchosia ovata
Rhynchosia ovatifoliolata
Rhynchosia pallida
Rhynchosia parviflora
Rhynchosia parvifolia (small-leaf snoutbean) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia pauciflora
Rhynchosia peglerae
Rhynchosia pentheri
Rhynchosia phaseoloides (crabseye) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia picta
Rhynchosia pinnata
Rhynchosia platyphylla
Rhynchosia potosina
Rhynchosia precatoria (rosary snoutbean) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia preussii
Rhynchosia pringlei
Rhynchosia procurrens (Attributes)
Rhynchosia prostrata
Rhynchosia pseudo-cajan
Rhynchosia pseudoteramnoides (Attributes)
Rhynchosia pseudoviscosa (Attributes)
Rhynchosia pubescens
Rhynchosia pulchra
Rhynchosia pulverulenta
Rhynchosia pycnostachya
Rhynchosia pyramidalis (John Crow Bead) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia quadrata
Rhynchosia quercetorum
Rhynchosia ramosa
Rhynchosia reniformis (dollarleaf) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia reptabunda
Rhynchosia resinosa (Attributes)
Rhynchosia reticulata (habilla) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia rhomboidea
Rhynchosia rojasii
Rhynchosia rostrata
Rhynchosia rothii
Rhynchosia rotundifolia
Rhynchosia rudolfii
Rhynchosia rufescens
Rhynchosia salicifolia
Rhynchosia schimperi
Rhynchosia schlechteri
Rhynchosia schomburgkii
Rhynchosia scutulaefolia
Rhynchosia secunda
Rhynchosia senna (Texas snout-bean) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia sordida (Attributes)
Rhynchosia speciosa
Rhynchosia spectabilis
Rhynchosia splendens
Rhynchosia stenodon
Rhynchosia stenophylla
Rhynchosia stipata
Rhynchosia suaveolens
Rhynchosia sublobata (Attributes)
Rhynchosia swartzii (Swartz's snoutbean) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia tamaulipensis
Rhynchosia tarphantha
Rhynchosia teixeirae
Rhynchosia teramnoides
Rhynchosia thorncroftii
Rhynchosia tomentosa (twining snoutbean)
Rhynchosia totta (snoutbean) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia tricuspidata (Attributes)
Rhynchosia usambarensis
Rhynchosia velutina (Attributes)
Rhynchosia vendae
Rhynchosia verdcourtii
Rhynchosia versicolor
Rhynchosia villosa
Rhynchosia villosula
Rhynchosia viscidula
Rhynchosia viscosa (Liane Lastique) (Attributes)
Rhynchosia volubilis
Rhynchosia wellmaniana
Rhynchosia woodii
Rhynchosia yucatanensis
Rhynchosia yunnanensis
Rhynchosia zernyi


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