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Syagrus (syagrus)

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Syagrus is a genus of Arecaceae (palms), native to South America, with one species endemic to the Lesser Antilles. The genus is closely related to the Cocos, or coconut genus, and many Syagrus species produce edible seeds similar to the coconut.
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Syagrus allagopteroides
Syagrus amara (Attributes)
Syagrus angustifolia
Syagrus botryophora (Attributes)
Syagrus caerulescens
Syagrus campestris (Attributes)
Syagrus campos-portoana (Attributes)
Syagrus campylospatha (Attributes)
Syagrus cardenasii (Attributes)
Syagrus cearensis (Attributes)
Syagrus cerqueirana
Syagrus cocoides (Attributes)
Syagrus comosa (Attributes)
Syagrus coronata (Licuri Palm) (Attributes)
Syagrus costae (Attributes)
Syagrus deflexa
Syagrus duartei (Attributes)
Syagrus evansiana (Attributes)
Syagrus flexuosa (Attributes)
Syagrus glaucescens (Attributes)
Syagrus glazioviana (Attributes)
Syagrus gouveiana
Syagrus graminifolia (Attributes)
Syagrus harleyi (Attributes)
Syagrus inajai (Attributes)
Syagrus itacambirana
Syagrus kellyana
Syagrus lilliputiana (Attributes)
Syagrus loefgrenii (Attributes)
Syagrus longipedunculata
Syagrus lorenzoniorum
Syagrus macrocarpa (Endangered) (Attributes)
Syagrus matafome (Attributes)
Syagrus mendanhensis (Attributes)
Syagrus microphylla (Attributes)
Syagrus minor
Syagrus mirandana
Syagrus oleracea (Attributes)
Syagrus orinocensis (Attributes)
Syagrus petraea (Attributes)
Syagrus picrophylla (Attributes)
Syagrus pleioclada (Attributes)
Syagrus pleiocladoides
Syagrus procumbens
Syagrus pseudococos (Attributes)
Syagrus romanzoffiana (Queen Palm) (Attributes)
Syagrus rupicola
Syagrus ruschiana (Attributes)
Syagrus sancona (Attributes)
Syagrus schizophylla (Attributes)
Syagrus smithii (Attributes)
Syagrus stenopetala (Attributes)
Syagrus stratincola (Attributes)
Syagrus teixeiriana (Attributes)
Syagrus tostana (Attributes)
Syagrus vagans (Attributes)
Syagrus vermicularis (Attributes)
Syagrus werdermannii (Attributes)
Syagrus yungasensis (Attributes)


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