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Cephalotes is a Neotropical genus of tree-dwelling ant species, commonly known as turtle ants. All appear to be gliding ants, with the ability to "parachute" and steer their fall so as to land back on the tree trunk rather than fall to the ground, which is often flooded.
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Cephalotes adolphi
Cephalotes alfaroi
Cephalotes alveolatus
Cephalotes angustus
Cephalotes argentatus
Cephalotes argentiventris
Cephalotes atratus
Cephalotes auriger
Cephalotes basalis
Cephalotes betoi
Cephalotes biguttatus
Cephalotes bimaculatus
Cephalotes bivestitus
Cephalotes bloosi
Cephalotes bohlsi
Cephalotes borgmeieri
Cephalotes brevispineus
Cephalotes bruchi
Cephalotes carabicus
Cephalotes chacmul
Cephalotes christopherseni
Cephalotes clypeatus
Cephalotes coffeae
Cephalotes columbicus
Cephalotes complanatus
Cephalotes conspersus
Cephalotes cordatus
Cephalotes cordiae
Cephalotes cordiventris
Cephalotes crenaticeps
Cephalotes cristatus
Cephalotes curvistriatus
Cephalotes decolor
Cephalotes decoloratus
Cephalotes dentidorsum
Cephalotes depressus
Cephalotes dieteri
Cephalotes dorbignyanus
Cephalotes duckei
Cephalotes ecuadorialis
Cephalotes eduarduli
Cephalotes emeryi
Cephalotes fiebrigi
Cephalotes flavigaster
Cephalotes foliaceus
Cephalotes fossithorax
Cephalotes frigidus
Cephalotes goeldii
Cephalotes goniodontes
Cephalotes grandinosus
Cephalotes guayaki
Cephalotes haemorrhoidalis
Cephalotes hamulus
Cephalotes hirsutus
Cephalotes hispaniolicus
Cephalotes inaequalis
Cephalotes inca
Cephalotes incertus
Cephalotes insularis
Cephalotes integerrimus
Cephalotes jamaicensis
Cephalotes jansei
Cephalotes jheringi
Cephalotes klugi
Cephalotes kukulcan
Cephalotes laminatus
Cephalotes lanuginosus
Cephalotes lenca
Cephalotes liepini
Cephalotes liogaster
Cephalotes maculatus
Cephalotes manni
Cephalotes marginatus
Cephalotes maya
Cephalotes membranaceus
Cephalotes minutus
Cephalotes mompox
Cephalotes multispinosus
Cephalotes nilpiei
Cephalotes notatus
Cephalotes obscurus
Cephalotes oculatus
Cephalotes olmecus
Cephalotes opacus
Cephalotes pallens
Cephalotes pallidicephalus
Cephalotes pallidoides
Cephalotes pallidus
Cephalotes palta
Cephalotes palustris
Cephalotes patei
Cephalotes patellaris
Cephalotes pavonii
Cephalotes pellans
Cephalotes persimilis
Cephalotes persimplex
Cephalotes peruviensis
Cephalotes pileini
Cephalotes pilosus
Cephalotes pinelii
Cephalotes placidus
Cephalotes poinari
Cephalotes porrasi
Cephalotes prodigiosus
Cephalotes pusillus
Cephalotes quadratus
Cephalotes ramiphilus
Cephalotes resinae
Cephalotes rohweri
Cephalotes scutulatus
Cephalotes serraticeps
Cephalotes serratus
Cephalotes setulifer
Cephalotes simillimus
Cephalotes sobrius
Cephalotes solidus
Cephalotes spinosus
Cephalotes squamosus
Cephalotes sucinus
Cephalotes supercilii
Cephalotes taino
Cephalotes targionii
Cephalotes texanus
Cephalotes toltecus
Cephalotes trichophorus
Cephalotes umbraculatus
Cephalotes unimaculatus
Cephalotes ustus
Cephalotes varians
Cephalotes ventriosus
Cephalotes vinosus
Cephalotes wheeleri


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