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Olethreutes is a large genus of tortrix moths (family Tortricidae). It is the type genus of its tribe (Olethreutini) and subfamily (Olethreutinae).Celyphoides, Loxoterma and Paracelypha are sometimes listed as junior synonyms of Olethreutes. But the type species of the first is Tortrix flavipalpana (now Celypha flavipalpana), that of the second is T. latifasciana (now C. aurofasciana), and that of the third is Phalaena rivulana (now Syricoris rivulana).
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Olethreutes aeolantha
Olethreutes agatha
Olethreutes agilana
Olethreutes agnota
Olethreutes albiciliana
Olethreutes aliana
Olethreutes andromedana
Olethreutes anisorrhopa
Olethreutes anthracana
Olethreutes appalachianum
Olethreutes appendiceum
Olethreutes arcuella
Olethreutes astrana
Olethreutes astrologana
Olethreutes atactodes
Olethreutes atrodentana
Olethreutes auricapitana
Olethreutes baccatanum
Olethreutes balanacma
Olethreutes betulana
Olethreutes bicoloranum
Olethreutes bidentata
Olethreutes bifasciana <Unverified Name>
Olethreutes bipartitana
Olethreutes bipunctana
Olethreutes bowmanana
Olethreutes brevirostratum
Olethreutes brevisecta
Olethreutes brunneopurpuratum
Olethreutes buckellana
Olethreutes cacuminana
Olethreutes calchantis
Olethreutes cana
Olethreutes canofascia
Olethreutes captiosana
Olethreutes carolana
Olethreutes caryactis
Olethreutes caryocryptis
Olethreutes castaneanum
Olethreutes cataphracta
Olethreutes cauquenensis
Olethreutes cenchropis
Olethreutes cerographa
Olethreutes circumplexa
Olethreutes clavana
Olethreutes comandranum
Olethreutes conchopleura
Olethreutes concinnana
Olethreutes connectum
Olethreutes coruscana
Olethreutes corylana
Olethreutes costimaculana
Olethreutes cyanophaea
Olethreutes cybicopa
Olethreutes cycladica
Olethreutes decidua
Olethreutes delitana
Olethreutes delphinosema
Olethreutes deprecatoria
Olethreutes devotana
Olethreutes doctrinalis
Olethreutes dolosana
Olethreutes doubledayana <Unverified Name>
Olethreutes electana
Olethreutes electrias
Olethreutes electrofuscum
Olethreutes euryopis
Olethreutes eurypolia
Olethreutes exaeresimum
Olethreutes examinata
Olethreutes exaridanus
Olethreutes exilis
Olethreutes exoletum
Olethreutes faceta
Olethreutes fagigemmaeana
Olethreutes fasciatana
Olethreutes ferriferana
Olethreutes ferrolineana
Olethreutes ferrugineanum
Olethreutes fimbripedana
Olethreutes flammanus
Olethreutes footiana
Olethreutes fraternanum
Olethreutes fraudulentana
Olethreutes furfuranum
Olethreutes galaxana
Olethreutes galevora
Olethreutes gemmifera
Olethreutes glaciana
Olethreutes gordiana
Olethreutes griseoalbanum
Olethreutes guiana
Olethreutes gutturalis
Olethreutes hamameliana
Olethreutes hedrotoma
Olethreutes heinrichana
Olethreutes heliophanes
Olethreutes helvomaculana
Olethreutes hemeropis
Olethreutes hemiplaca
Olethreutes hieroglypta
Olethreutes hilaraspis
Olethreutes hippocastanum
Olethreutes holodesma
Olethreutes humeralis
Olethreutes hyalitis
Olethreutes hydrangeana
Olethreutes hygrantis
Olethreutes impolita
Olethreutes ineptana
Olethreutes informalis
Olethreutes inornatana
Olethreutes inquietana
Olethreutes intermistana
Olethreutes iorrhoa
Olethreutes irina
Olethreutes irrorea
Olethreutes isodoxa
Olethreutes isopercna
Olethreutes kamtshadala
Olethreutes kononenkoi
Olethreutes lacunana <Unverified Name>
Olethreutes lacunanum
Olethreutes leveri
Olethreutes magadana
Olethreutes malana
Olethreutes mediopartitum
Olethreutes meifengensis
Olethreutes melanomesum
Olethreutes mengelana
Olethreutes merrickanum
Olethreutes metallicana
Olethreutes microplaca
Olethreutes milichopis
Olethreutes minaki
Olethreutes mixanthes
Olethreutes mochana
Olethreutes moderata
Olethreutes molybdachtha
Olethreutes monetiferanum
Olethreutes mori
Olethreutes morivora
Olethreutes mygindiana <Unverified Name>
Olethreutes mysteriana
Olethreutes nananum
Olethreutes nigranum
Olethreutes nigricrista
Olethreutes niphodelta
Olethreutes niphostetha
Olethreutes nitidana
Olethreutes nomas
Olethreutes nordeggana
Olethreutes nubicincta
Olethreutes obovata
Olethreutes obsoletana
Olethreutes ochrosuffusanum
Olethreutes olivaceana
Olethreutes olorina
Olethreutes orestera
Olethreutes orthocosma
Olethreutes osmundana
Olethreutes pachypleura
Olethreutes permundana
Olethreutes phyllodoxa
Olethreutes placida
Olethreutes platymolybdis
Olethreutes platyzona
Olethreutes plumbosana
Olethreutes polluxana
Olethreutes polymorpha
Olethreutes pontifraga
Olethreutes protocyma
Olethreutes punctanum
Olethreutes quadrifidum
Olethreutes quinquefasciana
Olethreutes restinctana
Olethreutes rhetorica
Olethreutes rhodochranta
Olethreutes rivulana <Unverified Name>
Olethreutes rosaochreana
Olethreutes rusticanum
Olethreutes sardiodes
Olethreutes sayonae
Olethreutes schulziana
Olethreutes sciotanum
Olethreutes scolecitis
Olethreutes semicirculana
Olethreutes semicremana
Olethreutes septentrionana
Olethreutes sericoranum
Olethreutes siderana
Olethreutes solaris
Olethreutes sordidana
Olethreutes sphaerocosmana
Olethreutes stagnicolana
Olethreutes streblopa
Olethreutes subelectana
Olethreutes submissanum
Olethreutes subnubilum
Olethreutes subtilana
Olethreutes symplecta
Olethreutes tenebricum
Olethreutes tephrea
Olethreutes thermopetra
Olethreutes tilianum
Olethreutes transversana
Olethreutes trinitana
Olethreutes troglodanum
Olethreutes tsutavora
Olethreutes valdanum
Olethreutes varregana
Olethreutes versicolorana
Olethreutes viburnanum
Olethreutes vinculigera
Olethreutes zelleriana


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